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1826RE: Creating new facts on Family Tree Maker to show Metis/Treaty Status

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Aug 8, 2003
      Thanks Elizabeth for your suggestion. I did receive the notice about FTM 11.

      I was not able to receive and try your suggestions (due to loss of my
      Internet connection) and my client wanted to obtain her Metis card in time
      for an event taking place this weekend. This also meant I had no time to
      tinker and experiment myself.

      So I cheated and put the fact (Metis or Treaty) as part of the name so that
      it would print on the 5 generation chart. In addition to the 5 generation
      chart(s), I supplied a genealogy report and printout that included a
      download or scan of the actual signed papers granting the scrip to her
      ancestors. In the report (notes field) I included the full source
      information including proof of descent and scrip reference numbers so that
      the scrip printouts can be easily connected. I did the printout separately
      as I did not want to tinker with entering the images into scrapbook and then
      printing the scrapbook for only the appropriate people.

      I had previously checked for rules for applying for and obtaining a Metis
      card. I found that each province has their own Metis Association and each
      Metis Association's rules for proof vary. The Alberta Metis Association
      stated that a five generation chart from the person back was necessary with
      at least one direct ancestor in the chart having been granted scrip. Since
      this young person did not have such an ancestor in the last 5 generations
      back (counting her as one generation), I printed a 5 generation chart from
      each of her maternal grandparents (the Metis side of the family) as well as
      her 5 generation chart. Then I printed a genealogy report from the first
      native descent for each of her grandparents down to her. My notes of course
      included the sources for the BMD as well as the scrip. Since the early North
      West Territories did not have accurate birth or even marriage data (often
      "married according to the custom of the land" followed by an approximate
      year was the only marriage record) for every person, often baptism and scrip
      records were all that could prove the connections. I was told these would be
      sufficient with copies of the relevant records from the primary source. With
      that, all she needs is her full form birth certificate proving her descent
      from her mother.

      I have already done some work to prove her maternal grandfather's family's
      claim for loss of status and economic deprivation. The ancestors of the
      family were covered by a Treaty but convinced to take scrip and then forced
      off their band's land. This land is now part of the city of Edmonton. Those
      who can prove descent from original members of the band have filed a lawsuit
      against the federal government demanding compensation. If they win, this
      will be a landmark case. For those interested the Statement of Claim is
      found at http://www.ualberta.ca/NATIVESTUDIES/LegalPDF/papaschase.pdf.

      Anyway I must confess that I was not able to help much as the group were way
      ahead of me but I have been fortune to learn from them instead.

      I will look through your suggestion and try to come up with one field for
      Status and then figure out how to have it print on a five generation
      ancestor tree. Then I can change back the names from Justine (Treaty 6)
      Waskewitch and John (Metis) Flamand to not include the bracketed


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      Subject: Re: Creating new facts on Family Tree Maker

      Some FTM customers have received e-mail with upgrade offers for FTM 11.
      There is no official announcement yet but one of the book companies
      advertised shipping September 17.

      My usual advice is to AVOID custom facts, especially marriage facts.
      Individual facts are a little easier and multiples of each can be added on
      the facts page of FTM 5 or later. Earlier versions allowed 13 numbered facts
      which could be renamed. Multiples of up to 50 facts can be included in a box
      chart or outline. The limit is one page per person, so more details allowed
      with a small font than a large one.

      You could have an individual fact called Status, or a longer term like
      Metis/aboriginal status with date and comment/location. For any interesting
      notes that might be wanted on a wall chart or FTM outline, I use Memo with
      date and comment/location. That way dated memos are kept in order like
      mini-notes and I don't have to remember which custom facts were used in
      which FTM file.

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      From: "Xenia Stanford"
      > I have FTM v. 8 and I need to create a new field (which I know you can do
      > but I seem to be brain dead today) to show Metis/aboriginal status so this
      > can be printed on the 5 generation charts. It is what is required for
      > card for my clients. I am giving them the long report as well but I need
      > quote scrip and/or treaty numbers on the one page 5 generation report so
      > they can see at a glance who had what.


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