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1825RE: Canon Camera copying from CF straight to CD

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Aug 8, 2003
      Thanks to all for your suggestions. I had also emailed Canon's helpdesk
      prior to my computer networking being fried (my Internet and LAN connections
      were lost) on Tuesday evening when I downloaded McAfee Updates. Thus I could
      not read any suggestions via email - any of yours or Canon's.

      P.S. The system could not be restored due to the McAfee miniports that were
      left over in the system registry from installing and uninstalling McAfee
      firewall. Since I could find no way to restore the system on my own, I
      called in my computer whiz. It took us until last night to get everything
      back including Internet and LAN. So I suggest avoid McAfee Firewall like its
      a plague or a virus! I just installed McAfee Virus Protection without the
      firewall portion and all now works like a charm.

      Since I could not read the suggestions but needed to get the CF card copied
      ASAP as my daughter is off to Victoria and Vancouver and wanted to take the
      digital camera with enough room on the CF card to fill it again! With my
      computer tied up with troubleshooting, I decided to find a photofinisher to
      see if any would do it for a reasonable price (which is what someone here
      and what Canon suggested as Canon agreed with Gord that it would have to be
      from card to harddrive to disk). However, I found out that photofinishers
      copy from CF card to CD without downloading to a harddrive so there must be
      a way and I plan to check out the other suggestions I received.

      In checking the yellow pages and making a couple of calls, I found Don's
      Photo (in yellow pages listed as Time Photo) to be the most reasonable at
      $10 + GST per card and they promised a one day maximum turnaround as time
      was another consideration. I did not realize the cost was $10 per card as I
      had been told it was per CD and each CD held 700 mg. Since one CF card held
      350 mg and had 215 photos on it and the other CF card (that came with the
      camera) was 16 mg with 12 photos, I thought no problem I will have them
      copied onto one CD for $10.70 total. When I went to pick them up it was
      $21.40. I had no problem paying $10 + GST for the 215 photos but 12 would
      fit easily on my computer so I felt that I had been misled. My complaint was
      passed to the lab supervisor who said she could not do anything about it but
      would notify Derek the manager (I sort of expected his name to be Don so do
      not know who Don is!) who would be in today. He just called and said he will
      honour the refund and instruct his staff to be clearer in the future. So
      all's well and if we do not have another way of handling the transfer from
      CF to CD, I will use it up on the next set of 200 or so photos. I have no
      complaints about the work and the photos look much better on the CD than
      they do on the CF card.

      If any of you are looking for this service and decide to give Don's a try,
      look in the phone book under Time Photo at 1206-17th Avenue S.W.

      Meanwhile I will review all the suggestions and see if I can find a way to
      do the transfer direct from CF to CD myself. If I find a successful and
      economical (time and money) way to do this myself, I will let you know. The
      lab supervisor said the 215 photos took one hour to transfer so tying up
      equipment for an hour myself will also be a consideration.

      Again thanks to all! I found the people on this list to be faster and offer
      more alternatives than did Canon Camera Customer Service. Smart people at
      AFHS and on distgen!


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      There are card readers that may be purchased from stores such as Office
      Depot, or
      CompuSmart. The one we have accepts any of 4 different formats. You should
      be able
      to go directly to CD from the card.

      On 5 Aug 2003 at 17:22, Gord Hulbert wrote:

      > Hi there:
      > I believe you have to go thru your hard drive first. Unless you have
      > an option on your camera that makes the card look like another drive.
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      > From: Xenia Stanford
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      > Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 4:44 PM
      > Subject: Canon Camera copying from CF straight to CD
      > Hi all,
      > I am hoping someone from the computer whiz group or otherwise can
      > answer this question: How can we copy straight from the digital
      > camera's CF card to a CD? There are 250 photos on a 350 CF card and
      > the hard drive will not be happy if we try to copy them to the
      > hard-drive first.
      > Xenia Stanford


      Ken Rees


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