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1812Genealogical Society in Ottawa

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  • Margo and Keith Debert
    Aug 5, 2003
      Does anyone have an e-mail address for a Genealogical Society in Ottawa? Or does anyone know anyone personally that could help me find a phone number for the National Archives that would be answered by a HUMAN BEING? I have phoned the number on the web site and in the telephone book but only get a taped message. I have e-mailed them 1 month ago but have received no answer. I have sent in a written request for my father's service records along with all the paper work required, in March and I still have no reply. As you can probably tell I am getting a little annoyed. I sent the letter by registered mail so I know that it arrived as it was signed for.
          I thought if someone in Ottawa could actually find a phone number so that I could talk to someone and find out what is taking so long.
          I would sure appreciate any help.
          Thank you
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