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  • Xenia Stanford
    Jul 11, 2003
      Hi Bill,

      I did not receive this request before. Now that I see it I am very happy to
      provide a sample. I have many examples from which to choose.

      For example, the 1851 census of the family of Joseph Stanford from England
      who married a French Canadian woman in Montreal in 1835 and by 1851 had 8
      children and were living in St-Roch Ward in Quebec city. The family did not
      believe me that this part of the ancestors had lived in Quebec City because
      most returned, lived and died in Montreal when the father retired.

      Only three more children were born to the family after 1851 - one of which
      is not on the 1861 census because he died at birth but upon locating the
      birth date (year) from the 1861 census of their only son I found the record
      for his twin brother who died the same day (or was stillborn) as the
      multi-great grandfather of my children was born. The other new child on the
      census was daughter number 9 and looks like they had given up on having a
      son to name after the father so they called her Josephine. She was born in
      1852 and the boys were not born until 1856 when the mother was 42.

      The census records showed me the dates and places to search for the
      birth/baptism records of all the children except for one that is still my
      mystery child. She is on the 1851 census as born in 1846 in Quebec City. She
      does not appear on the 1861 census nor have I been able to find any other
      records of her. I would not even know there was a Victoria Stanford born in
      this family without the census record.

      Of course, you will want me to give you the roll/film and page numbers for
      these should you choose this as your example. I will have to look in my
      binder where I stored the sheet but I will wait to see if you choose mine or
      find others.

      If you wish a later example, let me know as I can provide ones up to 1906
      from clients but my own family did not arrive in the west until 1908 so I am
      anxiously awaiting the release of 1911 and beyond.

      a bientot,

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)
      A.G.E. Ancestree Genealogical Enterprises
      Column: "Nos Racines Francaise" http://globalgenealogy.com/globalgazette
      Local book and magazine sales: http://www.knowmap.com/age/
      Phone: (403) 295-3490; Fax: (403) 274-0564

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      From: owner-dist-gen@...
      [mailto:owner-dist-gen@...]On Behalf Of william campbell
      Sent: July 10, 2003 9:15 PM
      To: AFHS

      Hi again folks:

      On June 27 the message below went out on our mailing list. To my shock and
      amazement I have not received a single
      response. This leads me to wonder if, in fact, the message was received by
      you or, if by chance I was not clear in my
      Surely, with this large list there is someone with a copy of an ancestor's
      family Census Record that would be prepared
      to let us use it as an illustration in an information package directed to
      all Members of Parliament. Think of the
      fortune and fame!

      Seriously, time is running out for us to get this proposed package to all
      MPs while they are away from the House this
      summer, and before they are asked to vote on Bill S-13 this Fall.

      If a phone conversation would help, please call me at 403-254-2293


      Hi Folks:

      As most of you are aware, the much-publicized Canada Senate Bill S-13, did
      not reach the House of Commons for vote in
      the last sitting. If it does pass this coming Fall it will present an
      enormous frustration for future genealogists.

      Through the continuing leadership of Lois Sparling we plan to take advantage
      of the summer break of the House.
      We intend to assemble a small information package addressed to every MP
      which will clearly show the immense value of the
      Census record in locating Canadian ancestors and preparing a family tree.

      We will take a clear and legible copy of a Census record page showing a
      given family, then
      prepare a family record sheet from that and then add a pedigree chart with
      the family members. The preferred Census page
      should show the Census District and the column headings for best
      understanding by a casual reader.

      If you would have these three documents in your family history files and
      would be prepared to provide copies for this
      purpose, would you kindly contact me at the earliest opportunity.

      I look forward to your support and response.



      William A. Campbell
      Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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