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1749Re: 1881 census

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  • Charlie Hansen
    Jul 10, 2003
      Hello Carol,

      On 10 Jul 2003 you wrote:

      > I have the 1881 census CDs which worked on my computer previously but now
      > when I try to access any information on them I get this error message:
      > Run-time error: 2147319779(8002801d)
      > Automation error
      > Application-defined or object-defined error.
      > I installed the Viewer on my old computer and it works fine there so it
      > has to be something that is missing on this computer. I uninstalled the
      > program and reinstalled it twice but get the same message each time.

      Are you running Windows XP on your new computer? There are some
      application programs that will not function properly under XP. I believe
      there is an update or patch (New reader program?) available to fix your
      problem, but I can't recall which list I saw it on. Perhaps someone else
      running XP can help, if that is your OS.

      Charlie Hansen
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