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  • E.Rodier
    Jul 10, 2003
      Judii & all,
      Found a few relatives in 1910 or 1920 USA census in a link posted to a new
      FTM discussion list. "Here is a site that is free (for about a year). To
      access the census click on Heritage Quest Online. You can download the
      actual census page."

      New ADSL modem purchased June 25 and new router are faster but lost some of
      the 2500 messages that piled up when I had no Internet service at all. "Just
      plug it in" turned into an UNPLANNED reformat of the C drive on the main
      computer to get the new modem working after nearly two weeks of experiments.
      Other than brief holidays, I've hardly ever missed reading daily messages
      about genealogy software since 1992 on Fidonet and 1995 on Internet.

      The main FTM TECH mailing list has been off completely since May 22.
      Frequent participants are having problems posting to some of the RootsWeb
      mailing lists this week so the overall volume in my inbox is down except for

      There is a new Acrobat 6 for PDF files (haven't tried it myself) and
      continuing issues with genealogy reports that require RTF files opened in
      word processors.

      Advice to computer genealogists:
      Learn to backup up family data and restore files on a different computer to
      be prepared for the day that a hard drive fails or requires an UNPLANNED
      reformat (see above.) If you are satisfied to collect names and details,
      almost any genealogy software will do. If you plan to print reports and
      charts, enter the data in the same program used for printouts. File
      transfers are not getting any easier and some genealogy programs are
      incomplete without multiple utilities. -- Elizabeth

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Judith Rempel"
      > Because of the webrole that I carry in a number of settings, about 90-95%
      > my mail is spam and so I have to start 'migrating' my e-mail address

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