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1690Bill S13 - An act to amend the Statistics Act

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  • Rene Dussome
    Jun 9, 2003
      Hello Everyone:

      For the benefit of those listers who are following the progress of Bill
      S-13 in the House of Commons, Jeff Paul, Policy Advisor to Senator Lorna
      Milne has just posted (Monday, June 9) the following message:

      "I just wanted to clear something up about how S-13 will proceed through
      the House of Commons. S-13 will be on the Order Paper every day from
      now until it is passed. However, to find out whether or not it is likely
      to be debated on that day, you need to consult the Projected Business
      section of the website. This is the link:


      "If S-13 does not appear on that page, it will not be debated on that
      day. It changes every day, so check each morning to get the most up to
      date information. S-13 will not be debated today. The whole day has
      been reserved for C-24."

      Rene Dussome

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