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16871906 Sunnyslope, north of Acme

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  • E.Rodier
    Jun 8, 2003
      Does anyone have family members who lived near the Sunnyslope post office
      between Didsbury and Three Hills at the time of 1906 census? Some families
      are included in the online local history book for Acme. The online list of
      post offices is a big help for locating a census district to search if the
      names cannot be found in the land database.

      Many individuals from the Sunnyslope area were born or married in Manitoba.
      The online births for Manitoba show mother's maiden names. Districts for
      Manitoba BMD registrations may be the same as online 1901 census which
      includes dates of birth. Census transcription for sub-district 16 is going
      well and some of the unclear names were checked against the online Land

      Some of the 1906 census districts (but only a few names in sub-district 16)
      show the state of residence for settlers who were born in the US. If the
      location could be guessed, it was entered with the two letter geographical
      code. KS=Kansas Some infants under 1 year show the month or specific date of
      birth. One set of triplets born Nov 1905 was listed south of Calgary.

      Please do not hesitate to send 1906 census corrections to webster@...
      A researcher will often guess the correct spelling of a familiar name but a
      transcriber is usually depending on the handwriting alone. One of my
      connections in the 1901 census for Edmonton was transcribed as Bushing for
      Cushing and there are other surname variations in captions for online photos
      of an alderman. The sign on the company shop looked like Gushing in one of
      the pictures.

      Enjoyed reading Mertie Beatty's article in Vol 23 Issue 3 Chinook about
      Wasyl Hawrelak, one of the 1906 enumerators for Edmonton. He used high
      quality dark ink!
      -- Elizabeth