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1677High River & Frankburg, cemetery recording

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  • E.Rodier
    Jun 4, 2003
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      Thanks for information about Frank and the cemetery. I'll send a separate
      e-mail with some questions. -- Elizabeth

      Frankburg had a post office at the time of 1906 census. Discovered the
      Frankburg location name in the online High River newspapers for June 1906.
      Found the family I was looking for in sub-district 3 who boarded the teacher
      for Blackie in the 1920s. Blackie post office opened 1911 and the Blackie
      cemetery is on the AFHS CD-ROM.

      Name of postmaster
      Christopher Frank 1905-05-01 1924-06-27 Death
      Miss Matilda A. Frank 1924-09-08 1930-10 Resignation
      Mrs. Leah Christena Bushman 1930-10-20 Temporary
      Mrs. Leah Christena Bushman 1931-05-09 1932-02-02 Resignation
      1932-07-31 Closed (Ltd. Usefulness)
      Additional Information:
      Sec. 21, Twp. 18, R. 27, W4M - 1905-05-01
      NE 1/4 Sec. 21, Twp. 18, R. 27, W4M
      NE Sec. 21, Twp. 18, R. 27, W4M - 1912-08-01, 1922-09-08, 1926-04-08
      No change 1/4 Sect.
      Mail route - Blackie-Frankburg
      Closed to Blacckie - 1932-08-01

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      From: "candice"
      > I live near herea nd thought i would add my 2 cents worth in,
      > There is a little ghost town named Frank near High River however it is not
      > between High River and Aldersyde but East of High River, I have been
      > origially it was a little mormon pioneer town but not all mormons lived
      > there, there is some building s still standing (I am a photograper and
      > lots of photos) but the exciting part is that there is a little Cemetary
      > that is surrounded by a fence in the middle of a farmers field, and about
      > 200 people in it, I was so excited i told my church about it and now the
      > youth go out and take care of it, this i also have photos of. There is
      > a lake near by that is now a nature reserve, it is a very small lake now
      but once was quite a bit larger.