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1672Re: High River & Frank Lake

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  • candice
    Jun 3, 2003
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      I live near herea nd thought i would add my 2 cents worth in,
      There is a little ghost town named Frank near High River however it is not
      between High River and Aldersyde but East of High River, I have been there,
      origially it was a little mormon pioneer town but not all mormons lived
      there, there is some building s still standing (I am a photograper and have
      lots of photos) but the exciting part is that there is a little Cemetary
      that is surrounded by a fence in the middle of a farmers field, and about
      200 people in it, I was so excited i told my church about it and now the
      youth go out and take care of it, this i also have photos of. There is also
      a lake near by that is now a nature reserve, it is a very small lake now but
      once was quite a bit larger.
      Hope this helps and if you need anything elce let me know.
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      Sent: Monday, May 19, 2003 3:12 PM
      Subject: High River & Frank Lake

      > Hi Bill,
      > I see an unmarked lake in that area on Grandpa's 1930 Alberta map with
      > townships. Found Mr. Frank in the 1906 census.
      > A relative taught school at Blackie in the 1920's, not sure of the exact
      > order in relation to other school terms near Calgary. She boarded with the
      > family of Beulah who used to work at Calgary Family History Centre.
      > at FamilyRoots 2002 had some of Beulah's pictures around 1928 when she was
      > boarding with her former teacher's relatives in Calgary.
      > Teachers liked to work at schools in the towns along the railway lines so
      > they could get home to Calgary on the weekends.
      > http://www.mdfoothills.com/LUTWP1927.pdf
      > Google search for Frank Lake showed a link to this map with townships
      > and another Frank Lake in northern Alberta.
      > Municipal District of Foothills has links to land use maps dated April
      > http://www.mdfoothills.com/LandUseMaps.htm
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      > From: "Bill Mumford"
      > > I would suspect it probably refers to Frank Lake, which is a few miles
      > east
      > > of High River. In the forties it was large enough to necessitate the
      > hiway
      > > making a big swing around it. It was dry a few decades later but in the
      > late
      > > 90's waste water from the Cargill plant was directed to the lake bed and
      > > waterfowl preserve developed.
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca

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