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1622High River & Frank Lake

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  • E.Rodier
    May 19, 2003
      Hi Bill,
      I see an unmarked lake in that area on Grandpa's 1930 Alberta map with
      townships. Found Mr. Frank in the 1906 census.

      A relative taught school at Blackie in the 1920's, not sure of the exact
      order in relation to other school terms near Calgary. She boarded with the
      family of Beulah who used to work at Calgary Family History Centre. Display
      at FamilyRoots 2002 had some of Beulah's pictures around 1928 when she was
      boarding with her former teacher's relatives in Calgary.

      Teachers liked to work at schools in the towns along the railway lines so
      they could get home to Calgary on the weekends.

      Google search for Frank Lake showed a link to this map with townships marked
      and another Frank Lake in northern Alberta.

      Municipal District of Foothills has links to land use maps dated April 2003.

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      From: "Bill Mumford"
      > I would suspect it probably refers to Frank Lake, which is a few miles
      > of High River. In the forties it was large enough to necessitate the
      > making a big swing around it. It was dry a few decades later but in the
      > 90's waste water from the Cargill plant was directed to the lake bed and a
      > waterfowl preserve developed.

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