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  • E.Rodier
    Aug 22, 2002
      Citymakers, Calgarians After the Frontier
      971.2338 CIT (available through Calgary Public Library)
      published by The Historical Society of Alberta, Chinook Country Chapter in
      edited by Max Foran and Sheilagh S. Jameson

      Almost every chapter mentions a person or organization that fits into my
      family history. George Stanley who wrote about his teacher Mr. Henry Luck
      might have been a classmate of Auntie Flo at Connaught School.

      I wish more people who came west to work for the early pioneers had been
      encouraged to write their memoirs. Didn't know enough local history myself
      to ask my grandparents the most important questions when I started in 1967.
      Their cousins are in the census but I have few stories of their day to day
      life or their associations with local organizations.