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1587Help get rid of Spam on Shaw

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  • Robert Boynton
    May 10, 2003
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      I do not know whether any of you have been receiving the same Spam garbage
      that I have been receiving lately, but it is getting ridiculous.

      Most of the material I have been receiving has been from addresses in Yahoo
      or Hotmail.

      From the Yahoo website, I found this material, which you all should read.

      Some of you will already know that you should never reply or ask to be taken
      off their list as it will not work and it makes the sender realize that they
      have sent it to a valid email address.

      What you should do for any spam, is send the Spam message to the domain of
      the sender as per the material on the Yahoo site, as below.

      Yahoo state that they will investigate the abuse and they state that all
      domain hosts will do the same.


      Read this material, but the jist of it is, if the abuse comes from a
      yahoo.com address, forward the email, completely unedited and untouched,
      including subject line, to


      if the abusuve spam comes from a hotmail.com address, forward the email,
      untouched and unedited, including subject line to:


      This may work better than just deleting them, especially if we all forward
      them to the domain host before deleting them.

      Hope this helps us all.

      Rob Boynton

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