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1586Cluster genealogy

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  • E.Rodier
    May 8, 2003
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      Sometimes the neighbors in the 1906 census have a surname that matches
      familiar names from an earlier census in a different area because people
      moved in groups when work or land was available. -- Elizabeth

      A tip from today's inbox for tracing female relatives:
      Once you've found some clues, move to the "outer rings" of the bull's eye,
      tracing people your ancestor often came into contact with--husbands,
      relatives, neighbors. This technique is called "cluster genealogy." "If your
      ancestor didn't leave records telling you who she was, perhaps someone close
      to her left a record--a letter or a diary--that will help," Carmack says.
      For more about cluster genealogy, see the December 2001 Family Tree Magazine