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  • Judith Rempel
    May 6 6:49 PM

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      Hi List:

      I just thought I'd bring it to your attention that if you're looking at the AFHS calendar (on the website) you will see that Mother's Day this year falls on Tuesday, 13 May !!!!    I would STRONGLY suggest that you do NOT plan on giving your mother (or your wife) a gift on Tuesday 13 May -  Mother's Day this year is really SUNDAY 11th MAY - so if you don't want "mother" upset at you - do NOT go by what the AFHS calendar tells you.

      After all the bragging we do about our terrific website, I'm really surprised to see this mistake.  Oh well - I guess everybody's entitled to ONE mistake a year - but I don't think "mother" would accept that as a reasonable excuse for you missing it on the ELEVENTH !!!
      Believe it or not Phyllis, but that is our of our control.  When we 'subscribe' to the calendaring function, we accept certain centralized decisions about what holidays are.  Guess someont at calendars.net things that Mother's Day is on the 13th. :-)  If I 'turn off" this feature, then we likely loose other 'official' holidays as well.  I noticed that in 2002, "Remembrance Day" landed on both Nov 11 and Nov 12.  they have THREE Canadian Holiday options (filenames with no details attached).  So .... I've turned off one and turned on another.  Let's hope this one's more accurate!

      Hope all you mothers out there have a great Mother's Day!!!  (on Sunday)


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