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  • Joanne E. Bixby
    May 5, 2003
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      Hi Donna,
      There is a free program that you can d/l called spampal and it works pretty good for spam.
      I have installed it on a lot of computers and everyone seems to be quite happy with it. The one that I use is called I Hate Spam but unfortunately that one isn't free.
      Hope this helps.
      Warm regards,

      Donna Coulter wrote:

      > Would be interested in
      hearing about Zone Alarm. I had it installed at
      > one time but it seemed
      to slow everything down. HOWEVER, nothing could
      > slow me down as much as
      battling those confounded Spam
      > thingamees.Donna


      I made a small error in my message about Mailwasher Pro - it does not
      download your messages. It opens your web browser for you to down load
      the messages that are available after it has dealt with the spam



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