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  • Hugh & Margaret Main
    Apr 30 6:23 PM
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      Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 8:45 PM
      Subject: FAMILY TREE MAKER SIGlet
      Hi Lynn,
      I am glad you were able to arrange to have the use of the library this Saturday for a final meeting of the year and appropriate wind-up.  Unfortunately I will not be able to attend. I can contact Peter Taylor as key-pickup stand-in, unless you find you will be playing tennis on Friday and find it convenient to collect the key on your way home.  Please let me know.
      I do want to say a special "thank-you" to both you and Elizabeth for all the work you have done to make this group so useful. Your systematic and practical approach has given group members a wonderful 'route map' for how to get best possible use out of FTM and Elizabeth's technical knowledge and demos have complemented your organization beautifully.
      Margaret Main

               Combining our April and May Meetings
           Time: 9:30-11:30 AM    Place: AFHS Library
      This is a Make - Up for our snow cancellation ...
      and Wind - Up in place of our May 24th meeting.
      May 24th is the last weekend for the volunteers who
      are trying to get all the books packed.  Rather than
      have them spend any time or energy to make the room
      useable for our SIGlet in the middle of their packing ...
      I felt we could make our 'make-up' also be a 'wind-up'
      We will split our time between April's topic "BOOKS"
      and May's topic "YOUR ?'s and MOST ASKED ?'s". 
      Sorry this is such short notice - but it was not my idea to
      have Mother Nature strut her stuff last Sat.  Hope you
      will be able to join us this coming Sat.     
      Past handouts, on-line help:       E Rodier   cerear@...
      General information:                       L Taylor   LTaylor4@...


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