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  • Lynn Taylor
    Apr 21, 2003
      FOR: The Breeze, March 2001

           Next Meeting is this Saturday - April 26th          

      Topic: Books II                    Place:  AFHS Library


      This month only - we'll start 15 minutes earlier, at 9:15, for our

      'open Q & A' and start main topic 9:45. We need to be all wrapped

      up by 11:30 so the space can switch from a meeting room to a Library.


      However, having the library open at the end of our meeting does

      provide a unique opportunity for anyone who would like to linger

      and look at examples of books other people have done!



      Last Meeting:   May 24th:    YOUR ?'s  and  MOST ASKED ?¬ís



      Past handouts, on-line help:       E Rodier   cerear@...

      General information:                   L Taylor   Ltaylor4@...


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