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1461Re: AFHS website connection problem

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    Apr 3, 2003
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      Interesting. I have only occasionally had a timeout with Telus. Maybe
      it depends on the neighbourhood?

      On Thursday, Apr 3, 2003, at 22:17 Canada/Mountain, Charlie Hansen

      > Also using Netscape 7.0X versions, I have frequently have this error
      > message. Netscape 4.xx gave a different error message, as I recall.
      > It seems to occur when Netscape times out on my DSL connection. I
      > expect it only occurs with high speed connections. I can often
      > access a given web page if I just retry several times. It usually
      > will start working again after anywhere from one to sometimes over 15
      > minutes. When it occurs, I am also unable to download my e-mail. My
      > Pegasus program is set to time out after 90 seconds. I have also
      > tried doing a "ping" command from MS-DOS, "ping www.telus.net". It
      > also times out. Pinging the magic IP which tests your own
      > computer's TCP/IP hardware and software checks out OK. For
      > information on using the ping command, see:
      > http://howto.lycos.com/lycos/step/1,,26124+24956+1362,00.html
      > Telus tech services tell me that if all the lights on my DSL modem
      > are green, which they are, that it has to be my computer. However
      > that does not explain why the connection will start working by just
      > waiting and then retrying. Telus also suggest turning off and
      > restarting the modem, and then rebooting the computer. Also to
      > "Start->Run->winipcfg" and "release" and "renew" the DSL connection.
      > Sometimes this attempt to renew also times out and gives an error
      > message.
      > I believe the problem is somewhere in the DSL lines in the Telus
      > system, but Telus won't yet acknowledge that. However, Telus did set
      > up a trouble ticket number, that I can use when I call them again, to
      > bypass the usual wait for telephone help, but they want me to keep a
      > complete log of what programs I am using and what I try whenever I
      > have a problem. What a pain!
      > This probably won't help answer your question, but be assured that
      > the problem is not just with AFHS websites, and is not a recent one.
      > I started having connection problems when Telus took over from
      > Cadvision, but they seem to happen more frequently now.
      > Regards,
      > Charlie Hansen
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca

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