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1460Re: AFHS website connection problem

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  • Charlie Hansen
    Apr 3, 2003
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      On 3 Apr 2003 at 19:50, Judith Rempel wrote:

      > From one of the 1906 Census transcribers, I heard today:
      > > The last 2 days, when I have attempted to go to AFHS site I
      > > get 'The connection was refused when attempting to contact
      > > www.afhs.ab.ca". This with my Netscape 7 browser.
      > >
      > > When I use IE browser I get to the 1906 Search page and then get
      > > "The > connection ..." message again.
      > Has anyone else had this problem? Our webstats show reduced accesses,
      > but the homepage comes 'up' for me just fine.

      Also using Netscape 7.0X versions, I have frequently have this error
      message. Netscape 4.xx gave a different error message, as I recall.
      It seems to occur when Netscape times out on my DSL connection. I
      expect it only occurs with high speed connections. I can often
      access a given web page if I just retry several times. It usually
      will start working again after anywhere from one to sometimes over 15
      minutes. When it occurs, I am also unable to download my e-mail. My
      Pegasus program is set to time out after 90 seconds. I have also
      tried doing a "ping" command from MS-DOS, "ping www.telus.net". It
      also times out. Pinging the magic IP which tests your own
      computer's TCP/IP hardware and software checks out OK. For
      information on using the ping command, see:


      Telus tech services tell me that if all the lights on my DSL modem
      are green, which they are, that it has to be my computer. However
      that does not explain why the connection will start working by just
      waiting and then retrying. Telus also suggest turning off and
      restarting the modem, and then rebooting the computer. Also to
      "Start->Run->winipcfg" and "release" and "renew" the DSL connection.
      Sometimes this attempt to renew also times out and gives an error

      I believe the problem is somewhere in the DSL lines in the Telus
      system, but Telus won't yet acknowledge that. However, Telus did set
      up a trouble ticket number, that I can use when I call them again, to
      bypass the usual wait for telephone help, but they want me to keep a
      complete log of what programs I am using and what I try whenever I
      have a problem. What a pain!

      This probably won't help answer your question, but be assured that
      the problem is not just with AFHS websites, and is not a recent one.
      I started having connection problems when Telus took over from
      Cadvision, but they seem to happen more frequently now.

      Charlie Hansen
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