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    Mar 31, 2003
      This is a con. Delete and do not respond. Responding would only confirm
      the dist gen address and your address as valid addresses!

      On Monday, Mar 31, 2003, at 18:45 Canada/Mountain, Sinke Chike wrote:

      > Please read carefully.
      > My country came back to civil rule after decades of military rule.
      > In 1998, political parties were formed amongst which is our party,
      > Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP). Fortunately we are in power.
      > To come to power was a task that must be accomplished, as such, I
      > was made the head of three-man Under-cover Agent to secretly
      > apply some secret funds in enticing the electorates, community
      > heads and, lobbying the independant observers.To accomplish this,
      > Casings (trunks) of U.S dollars were brought into a neighbouring
      > country in disguise. Here, with government machineries, the money
      > was ferried into this country through water-ways to settle people
      > internnally,while indipendent observers were gratified directly from
      > the fund
      > custodian in the neighbouring country.
      > New funds have arrived for 2003 elections. We,
      > the three-man-team are aware of a casing
      > that is still with the outfit as unspent from the previous deposits
      > amounting to $50,000.000.00 USD
      > We want you to sign and receive this amount on our behalf and sink it
      > into your business or your personal account, whichever you deem fit.
      > Better still, you can open a new account in whatever name you desire.
      > We are ready to give you $10,000,000.00 while you suprintend over the
      > balance for us until after May 29,2003 when all elections' actvities
      > would have finished, and we can travel out.
      > All I need from you are:
      > 1.beneficiary's name
      > 2.the City/Country were the fund will be transfered to, and
      > 3.your tel/fax numbers
      > NOTE:To avoid financial scandals, this transaction should not be
      > disclosed, not even at the point of opening an account.How the money
      > will flow into your account has been planned.
      > Your co-operation is anticipated.
      > Sinke Chike
      > E-MAIL:sinke_chike@...
      > sinkechike@...
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca

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