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  • John Currie
    Mar 16, 2003
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      Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2003 10:45 AM
      Subject: Digital Scrapbooks

      > Judii Rempel sent a link to a very interesting article today (see below),
      > the 7th anniversary of my permanent Family Tree Maker scrapbooks. Favorite
      > scanner software has always been the current version of Paint Shop Pro
      > also has a new album program. http://www.jasc has trial versions of
      > for anyone able to handle large file downloads.
      > I'm using FTM for digital camera scrapbooks in preference to any of the
      > album programs available. Files have up to 750 images each with detailed
      > captions. Each FTM database becomes a single file that is easily copied to
      > any media with sufficient capacity. Files are kept under 50 mb by choice.
      > My backup system for scanned images and digital camera pictures switched
      > from 36 floppies in 1996 to multiple CDs in 1997 and multiple DVDs in
      > Moving a hard drive with 25,000 organized JPG images from one computer to
      > another resulted in the loss of all images. CD-ROM backups of about 600 mb
      > have been more reliable and recent DVD Recordable allows about 4 GB.
      > Favorite method to resize pictures for family history projects is send to
      > e-mail in Windows XP. The images are smaller and better looking in a
      > time than manually adjusting settings in Paint Shop Pro or other software.
      > FTM files have scrapbooks telling the life story of each person from birth
      > certificate to their most recent picture or final resting place.
      > I won't be able to attend the March 8 computer group meeting but always
      > interested in exchanging picture ideas by private e-mail.
      > The *safest* method for organizing thousands of digital images is a simple
      > one -- Windows folders and sub-folders with a unique readable file name
      > each image. Code numbers are okay for a series in a distinctive sub-folder
      > like the way Judii has named census transcription files.
      > Test any photo organization method by copying files to a second computer
      > sending a small sample by e-mail to someone who will let you know if the
      > method is successful. Viewing an album might be easy but combining
      > saved by relatives using different albums might require starting over. One
      > man posted to a photo mailing list that his $300 album program was no
      > sold. -- Elizabeth
      > ---------
      > This article from NYTimes.com
      > has been sent to you by rempel@....
      > Adobe Photoshop Album was advertised yesterday in Future Shop flyer.
      > Cull, Then Categorize: A Digital Scrapbook
      > March 6, 2003
      > By TOM Di NOME
      > Options for managing digital images have proliferated almost
      > as rapidly as the cameras themselves.
      > 280&ei=1&en=7fbd5109290e2e38
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca

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