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13322003 Board Nominations and forms

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Mar 5, 2003
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      Thanks to everyone who has been sending suggestions for nominations. Please
      keep up the good work on finding candidates to ensure continuation of the
      excellent work done by our outgoing and past Boards.

      George Lake has agreed to continue on for the next term due to the move and
      also to give the potential Board Chair to gain experience as Vice Chair this
      year. This is a great opportunity to be coached by George, see how things
      are run and be up-to-date on issues before becoming Chair. George will then
      remain as immediate Past Chair the following year. However, he will be at
      the end of the allowed term as Chair and someone else needs to be groomed
      for the job. So we are looking for two Vice Chairs, either/both of whom
      would be willing to serve as Chair in the 2004-2005 term.

      Here are the remaining unfilled positions as of today:

      Vice Chair 1 - Facilities
      Vice Chair 2 - Finance
      Director at Large
      Program Chair
      Membership Chair

      If anyone wishes to nominate themselves or another person, please let me
      know (preferably by email).

      If nominating someone else, once you have agreement, you may print and
      complete the nomination form at the AFHS website (on home page). Fill in the
      nominee's name, have the person sign and then you sign and date as one of
      the nominators. You may find a seconder to sign and date as well or when you
      turn in the form to us at the April meeting, one of the committee can sign
      as the seconder, if necessary.

      If you wish to nominate yourself, complete the top part of the form, sign
      and find someone to sign as nominator (I'm sure this will not be a difficult
      task). Hand in the form at the April meeting as above and one of the
      committee can sign as seconder, if necessary.
      The following positions have been filled with either a nominee or an
      incumbent as follows:

      Chair - George Lake - incumbent
      Recording Secretary - Ann Williams - incumbent
      Treasurer - Ronna Byam - Nominated and seconded
      Director at Large - Computer SIG - Mary Arthur - incumbent
      Director at Large - Budget & Finance - Lorna Laughton - incumbent
      Director at Large - Mertie Beatty - Nominated and seconded

      Although we have received the nominations for the two vacated positions as
      noted above, more nominees will be accepted for these positions and if more
      than one received, we would have an election to choose.

      However, to be practical let's ensure we have nominees for the unfilled
      positions first!

      If you need to phone me, call 295-3490 and leave a message if I am not
      available. I will return the call as soon as I am able but generally I
      answer email before I return phone calls.

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)
      2003 Nominating Committee Chair
      Alberta Family Histories Society