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1291MrSid to TIF for 1906 census pages

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  • E.Rodier
    Feb 22, 2003

      Judii Rempel has posted a method used to convert census images to one page
      TIF files for offline transcription. Large file PDF can be printed with some
      screen shots.

      I have a passion for saving areas of census pages that show household names
      so that relatives can "see" what was found in the online census or microfilm
      printout (scanned.) Each census image is added once, usually in the
      scrapbook for the head of household and spouse. Census, year, age is usually
      entered for each person.

      Full census pages are okay for reference but not easy to read. Text sources
      in my files are general, not one per document. Planning a family book with
      many pictures has different data entry choices from a complex database with
      a source for every detail. -- Elizabeth