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  • Judie Riddell
    Feb 20, 2003
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      Just a little correction on your introduction to Paper of Record You have
      misspelled Canadian you have Canadiar.


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      The PoR has just released this week's newsletter where they provide
      information about 3 things that I'll pass along. You can subscribe to
      the PoR by going to our Research Aids page and following the link

      1) new papers online
      Hamilton Evening Times - 1858 - 1868
      St. Catharines Constitutional - 1855 - 1871
      Quebec Herald - 1788 - 1791

      2) papers to go online very soon
      Canadian News - 1856 - 1869, 1875
      La Gazette de Sorel - 1862 - 1873
      Toronto Independent - 1849 - 1850

      3) a feature story about one paper - "Voice of the Fugitive"
      In celebration of black history month, Paper of Record announces the
      addition of Canada’s first African-Canadian newspaper.

      The Voice of the Fugitive is now available on the Paper of Record
      website of historic newspapers. The Voice of the Fugitive is commonly
      acknowledged as the first African-Canadian newspaper published in
      Canada. Within Paper of Record, The Voice of the Fugitive is fully
      searchable by either date or word, with full-page images displayed just
      as they were published.

      The Voice of the Fugitive was published in the community of Sandwich,
      which is now Windsor, Ontario near Detroit, Michigan. The Voice’s
      publisher, Henry Bibb was a runaway slave who moved to Canada after the
      Fugitive Slave Act was passed by Congress. The abolitionist newspaper
      promoted Canada as a destination for runaway slaves and as a vehicle to
      find other family members. The paper was published bi-weekly for 3
      years, 1851-1853 at a subscription rate of one dollar per year.

      The contents of the paper include poetry, news from around the world and
      stories of slaves and fugitive slaves from throughout North America. A
      fascinating view of the lives of the African-American population in
      North America during the abolishment of slavery, the paper includes many
      first-hand accounts of life as a slave. The addition of The Voice of
      the Fugitive to the Paper of Record collection represents a significant
      step in making important cultural content accessible to millions of
      Canadians, African-Americans and persons worldwide.

      “The Voice of the Fugitive is illustrative of the rich and diverse
      record of the past we are striving to include in our Paper of Record
      product. This pre-civil war, and pre-abolitionist paper is a
      fascinating view of slavery from the bounds of the newly forming Canada”
      stated Bob Huggins, President and CEO of Cold North Wind.

      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel, Webster
      JR Solutions


      Alberta Family Histories Society

      Canadian Genealogical Projects Register

      1906 Census Transcription Centre

      Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta

      Mennonite Genealogy Data Index


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