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1153Re: NoteBook Floppy Disk

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  • George Lake
    Feb 3, 2003
      Hi Gord & All:
      The laptop external floppy disk is present and accounted for in the laptop
      carrying case. Not to worry. :-)

      At 11:53 AM 2/2/2003 -0700, Gordon Hulbert wrote:
      >Hi there:
      >As some of you might know, the Society's notebook is having a problem and
      >efforts are being made to fix it or acquire a new one. I noticed that the
      >EXTERNAL FLOPPY DISK is missing. If any of you have recently borrowed the
      >notebook et al, would you please think back and try to remember if you saw
      >the external floppy disk. It was supposed to be stored in the notebook
      >carrying case.

      George Lake
      Chairman, Alberta Family Histories Society
      Calgary Canada

      email: chairman@...
      AFHS Website: www.afhs.ab.ca

      my website: www.glake.ca

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