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1149historical pictures Glenbow

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  • E.Rodier
    Feb 2, 2003
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      Enter the names of older districts like Riverside, Bankview, Hillhurst,
      Sunnyside to see pictures. Specific streets can be searched like 8th Avenue
      (downtown) and Royal Avenue.

      For districts outside Calgary, try the city or town name Edmonton,

      Specific buildings can be searched like General Hospital, Palliser Hotel,
      Central Church. Also businesses like Laundry, Motor Car Supply. There are
      construction pictures for some of the buildings.

      For family surnames, enter the surname only. RB Bennett's pictures do not
      all show when his full name Richard Bedford Bennett is used to search.

      Some researchers who are less concerned about ancestors or personal family
      history collect the information about their heritage homes or current place
      of residence, a school or a club.

      I have some 1920's farm pictures taken just south of Fish Creek and west of
      Midnapore. The farmer retired about 1942 to a home near the Holy Cross
      Hospital and lived on the same avenue until he fell shortly after his 100th
      birthday. Longest life of anyone in my files 105 1/2 years and married over
      70 years.