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  • E.Rodier
    Feb 2, 2003
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      Property tax bills for Calgary have the Legal description xxxxID followed by
      the Block and Lot numbers. The online PDF map is one way for people with a
      fast Internet service to see a map and zoom in on their own district. The
      map image is slow to appear on an ADSL computer, haven't tried it with a

      Our computer group meetings are held in Section 8 (17th Ave, Bankview) and
      AFHS meetings-library Section 5 (14A Street, Altadore.) Township 24, Range 1
      West of Fifth.

      I grew up in Section 9, attended schools to the west in Sections 8 and south
      in 10 (Elbow Park) and north in Section 16 (west side of downtown.)

      Some of the active members of the mailing list live in Township 23
      immediately south. The section numbers in a Township are numbered from 1 in
      the SE corner to 6 in the SW corner, 7 to 12 west to east, 13 to 18 east to
      west, 19 to 24 west to east, 25 to 30 east to west, 31 to 36 west to east
      ending up with 36 in the NE corner of the Township.

      Chinook Centre is in Section 33, Kingsland 28, Fairview 27, Acadia 22,
      Willow Park 15 Township 23, Range 1 West of 5th.

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