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1116Re: Cemetry Records

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  • owner dist gen
    Jan 30, 2003
      Doesn't have an internet connection as opposed to can't use the library
      access to the internet? Depending on what she is looking for, using the
      Calgary Public Library's internet connection (at every branch) would be
      easier than trying to use the paper information.

      see: http://afhs.ab.ca/publications/index.html#cemetery to see if the
      information is enough. Otherwise, the AFHS library hours are posted
      here: http://www.calsnet.net/afhs

      On Wednesday, Jan 29, 2003, at 22:02 Canada/Mountain, Cecil Howell

      > Dear members,
      > A friend and neighbour is editing and cataloging her father's 1920's
      > films of many of Calgary early poineers in the medical, political, and
      > ranching fields.  She wishes to gain access to cemetry records to help
      > with dates and times etc.  I know the society has been recording
      > cemetry records.  Can this lady have a look at them and if so where
      > and at what times will they be available?
      > The friend is Mary Lou Charles, former school nurse, and her
      > father was Dr. Charles a Calgary dentist now long cedeased.
      > Mary Lou does not use the internet.
      > Thank You.
      > Cecil Howell.
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