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11121906 census questions

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  • E.Rodier
    Jan 29, 2003
      Still at the learning stage when it comes to the 1906 census. Census takers
      in downtown Calgary entered the Ward number (2) for sub-section 26b and the
      ones across the track entered the Section number 15 for sub-section 26d.
      Haven't looked at the two sub-sections east of Centre Street yet but missing
      several households that are in my files. People usually lived as close as
      possible to their work and church.

      Consider the locations of railway track and bridges. Sometimes there was a
      train blocking the track before subways were built. Sometimes the bridges
      were damaged by ice or livestock. Interesting news items about Calgary
      bridges in the online newspapers.

      There is a city directory for Calgary 1906, probably at Glenbow though I
      also used some of the directories in the Canadiana room at the main public
      library near City Hall. Directory lists occupations of working individuals,
      mostly men. Census lists family members, boarders, the occasional horse and
      cow but few occupations.

      The census takers seem to have walked around whole blocks so Gord Hulbert's
      relatives from 5th Ave even numbers (north side) were on page 24 and Cushing
      family from 4th Ave odd numbers (south side) were on page 26.

      1901 census (with birthdates) for Calgary is much easier because the
      population was smaller. Other areas depend on guessing the census district
      if the nearest town doesn't happen to show up in a search. Locations are
      listed separately and have to be matched up with the household numbers. 4th
      Avenue was called Reinach until 1904.

      Managed to find cousin's relatives in 1901 Manitoba census north of
      Winnipeg. In areas settled early, the people might be in the same districts
      as 1881 census which has a searchable name index on Internet or CD. --

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      From: "Al King"
      > It's very unfortunate that your meeting coincides with the AFHS course
      > that day and therefore we will be missing the 1906 info. Is there likely
      > to be a repeat of the 1906 info some time soon?