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1005RE: Saturday January 18 - book donations

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  • Lorna Laughton
    Jan 16, 2003
      Hi Bob:

      The AFHS Librarian, Helen Backhouse, is the official person who can
      answer your concern. However, I do know that your donation of "The
      McNarrys" was received and catalogued.

      You are right - it is very, very helpful to have family-history-type
      books in the library. When genealogists/family historians are ready to
      produce any type of publication about their family or families, they can
      look at the many examples of styles, contents, etc. Well-produced family
      histories are really inspiring and helpful. Besides that, someone might
      "connect" to a family that is written about in one of the many family
      histories books.

      In the AFHS Library, the family histories are shelved under number
      929.2. The Dewey Decimal System calls this area Biographies", but we
      call them family histories. After the call number 929.2 are 4 letters
      that start the "author's surname", and then sometimes a year of
      publication. For example, a recent donation from Sharon Dyer was a book
      titled "Barton Family Lineages". The shelf number is '929.2 DYER 2002'.
      You can see that this doesn't indicate the actual family surname that
      the book is about.

      The Library Committee puts a label in almost all material that is
      donated to acknowledge and thank the donor. Sometimes items have been
      catalogued and shelved before we remember to do this, so there have been
      gaps in our process. However, all donations are appreciated! In fact, if
      anyone has material to donate to the library, it would help if they
      could provide a brief list of the titles and their name with their
      donation. We often find 'orphan' bags of books left on our doorstep
      (well, in the library), and we don't know who they are from. The library
      tells all donors that if their donation is a duplicate of something that
      we already have - we add their donation to our "Sales Table" - so that
      the library still benefits.

      I am really glad that you raised this issue, Bob. Thanks.

      Lorna Laughton (member of the AFHS Library Committee, along with Helen
      Backhouse, Lois Nicholson, Ethel McDonald, and Olive Carlin)

      P.S. My role as the co-ordinator of the "Open Library Times" is a
      sub-committee of the AFHS Library Committee. I still report to "The
      Boss" (Helen).

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      Dear Lorna;

      Last November I donated a book about the McNarry family to the AFHS
      library entitled "The McNarrys." I thought that it might serve as a
      sample of a well produced book about a family history. Several years ago
      I donated a local history book entitled "Foxwarren" to the library. I
      have not had an acknowledgement of either donation. My concern is that I
      would like to know that they are available for general usage. I let my
      membership lapse a few years ago because of personal problems. I do have
      hopes of renewing sometime this year.

      Bob McNarry

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