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Re: Ether is derived form word Arabic word Ehser.

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  • Nona Aurora
    They do not respect you or treat you with respect as I am witness in Saudi Arabia. do tell us why r u there in saudi? just to be witness or having problem in
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      They do not respect you or treat you with respect as I am witness in Saudi Arabia.
      do tell us why r u there in saudi? just to be witness or having problem in India as u come from low caste family?

      Sadoro Ddaoputt <prka46@...> wrote:
      Mr. Mussalman, the Saudi Slave,

      Thank you for admitting that your ancesetors were Vedic, a courage rarely seen nowadays in other Saudi slaves. Musrik notwithstanding as per your distorted vision. Since I see a qualitative change in you, it will be good to communicate with you.

      Keep posting other hoax creativities by Jahil Arabs and I shall intellecutally prove those to be hoax as I did with you in  your previious posts.

      Anwer, the truth is, that there has been no innovative creations from Arabs. There cannot be one, for the simple reason that these people believe in excessive sex, excessive eating and excessive sleep. I live in Saudi Arabia and I have very closely monitored them.

      It was earlier belived that had invented Sword with which they converted  people to Islam. Now we know even Sword came from the west. However, these Islamis are still reserching on one thing very seriously since last 1400 years and they have still not been able to find that thing out. They want to know what is the Red liquid inside living beings, Humans and animals both, which when oozes out, the vertical person/animal becomes horizontal. When that red looking liquid thing is inside the body, the person breathes in and out. They are still trying to find out why that air pumping stops when red liquid oozes out. They have  still not been able to find that answer. For that they have been using AK47s, Grenades, RDX, Swords, Daggers, sharp knives etc. etc.  hopefully they will get the answer and stop experimetning then.

      Let me tell you Anwer, Islam may be anything but the religion. It is a sect, a cult, a Saudi imperialism to ensalve people. Logically and intellectually I can prove to you that Islam is not the religion. For that, we must define what the religion is. Let me hear from you before we proceed.

      The non-Arab Muslims from India, Pakistan, Bangaldesh, Asia and Western world, you are being used by Arabs for their advantage and selfishness. Arab Muslims are using you in their fight against Jews. They do not respect you or treat you with respect as I am witness in Saudi Arabia. But you are unnecessarily becoming subservient to Arabs by being a Muslim. They are forcing you believe in a political system that is not yours. Islam is a foreign ideology for you. They placed this monkey on your back and you are happily carrying it around, ruining your life and destroying this world for them. Throw away that Islamic monkey from your back, relieve yourselves and live your life.

      Thank you,


      Doctor Sahib <pathowiz@...> wrote:
      In the Bhagwan's Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Comapssionate
      Mr. Hindu:
      If some naive people did not know that even the word ether (Esher) is an Arabic word. There are thousnads and thousands of references. Insha Allah I will keep posting you such mails with full references so that if you do not like truth you may keep burning. But if you like truth, may Allah guide you. Many Arabs wer also pagan at one time but Allah guided them so He may guid you to Islam. My own ancestors manymany years ago were Musrik like you but Allah guided them to Islam. I pray for the people who took pain and gave them message of Islam whcih is the eternal and one and only true religion sent by our Creatro and Sustainer. Thosw who take partners with Him are doing a grave injustice to Him without any justifiaction whatsoever.

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