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  • Shaik Sadek-Premier
    As Salam Alikum Warahtullahi Barkathu, Very Hot mail.......... Yes we are ONE UMMAH and we pray for Each Other....... Don t lose your patience, this
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2005
      As Salam Alikum Warahtullahi Barkathu,
      Very Hot mail.......... Yes we are ONE UMMAH and we pray for Each Other....... Don't lose your patience, this Non-believe have a small enjoyment in this world and the Fire is for them everlasting.... Alalh (swt) said in QURAN:
          " Say (O Muhammad SAW) to those who disbelieve: "You will be defeated and gathered together to Hell, and worst indeed is that place to rest." (3:12)
      In future, you will get more people (Jews, Christen, Buddha and etc) to have a talk or conversation on religious matter. We should have to confront this people in a Proper etiquette of conversations. As there is a Hadiss which show's us:
      Aaisha (ra) said, "A group of Jews came and said, 'As-Saam (((((i.e., death; however it is close in pronunciation to 'As-Salaam,' which means peace; so they were trying to trick the Prophet (saas))))))' upon you, O Abul-Qaasim (i.e., Muhammad (saas).' The Prophet (saas) answered, ' And the same upon you.' I then said to them, 'rather, upon you As-Saam (death) and Adh-Dhaam (Shame,Disgrace).' The Messenger of Allah (saas) said,
              " O ' Aaisha, do not be Faahishah (i.e., do not transgress the proper etiquette of conversation)"
      To this, ' Aaisha (ra) answered, " Did you not hear what they said? " He (saas) said,
          "And did I not return upon them what they said: I said, ' And the same upon you (i.e., if they had indeed said, ' death upon you,' instead of 'peace upon you,' I answered, 'the same upon you,' which is appropriate for either possibility, and which saves me from transgressing the boundaries of good manners in speech)..''' ( Related by Bukhaaree (3559), Muslim (2321), Ahmad (6468), and At-Tirmidhee (1975)"
      Jazak Allah Khair.... Add me in your supplication.
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      Subject: [discussing_religion] Re: Jimmy Jumshade....

      Geeee...thought i blocked this full of hatred small guy who think he is too big to understand the whole Muslim community.
      dont be such an arrogant boy....i know whats going on but its not affecting me as one member of this HUGE MUSLIM COMMUNITY (UMMAH) that the French government called the NEW NAZI  ..worst than the GERMANS...and the US called the THREAT to the new WORLD ORDER....cant you see young man?????these people are SOOO SCARED OF THE UMMAH.....WHY????? they knwo more than what u know......the US is willing to COLLAPSE its ECONOMY just to STOP THE UNITY OF THE UMMAH........BUT they cannot whatever they do because the QURAN NEVER SAY FALSE words..and it was written...islam will rule over other religions....
      YOU NEED TO KNOW MORE BEFORE YOU TALK...the big guys in the US and France KNOWS MORE AND THEY ARE MORE AFRAID....you are too small to contradict what they KNOW.......
      our prayer is working......it is being heard...we are NOT SELFISH.....we are ONE UMMAH..we pray for each other...AND WE STRIVE FOR OUR JANNAH same way we are making good in this world.......your jannah here is TOO SHORT....HOW OLD ARE YOU NOW????ARE YOU PREPARED TO DIE??/  how much more you will stay in your JANNAH HERE ON EARTH???....
      ITS NOT THAT I DONT WNT TO READ YOU..I JUST DONT WANT TO WASTE MY TIME ON LOST SOULS LIKE YOU...now am blocking you again....EAT GOOD FOOD, you might not wake up in ur sleep and you dont know where you going......:-)lol.....GOODBYE

      please join us to discuss your faith . if you need any help then you are always welcome.
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