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Animal Testing & The European Parliament

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  • tony_gal_001
    Tony Nottingham 19 November 2006 TO: All People Who Care and are European Citizens My name is Tony Gallett. I am 44 years old and live in Nottingham. I am
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      19 November 2006

      TO: All People Who Care and are European Citizens

      My name is Tony Gallett. I am 44 years old and live in Nottingham.
      I am posting this message because I care about Animals and
      am reminding you to take action to help laboratory animals and
      all of us at a critical time.

      I am concerned about the proposal called REACH in the present
      European Chemical Testing Policy. As you may know, REACH
      stands for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of
      CHemicals. This new EU chemicals policy was initiated because
      of concerns about the possible unknown risks of existing chemicals
      (those used or marketed prior to 1981) to human health and the
      environment. Before 1981 there was no obligation on manufacturers
      to test chemicals in order to classify and label them before putting
      them on the market.

      Experts estimate that millions more animals will be subjected to
      toxicology testing across the EU once it becomes law - unless the
      proposal is changed now. Chemicals of every imaginable kind - from
      those used in industrial processes to the ingredients of consumer
      products - will be tested on animals from mice to fish to dogs,
      causing untold suffering. It is even thought that new laboratories
      and testing centres may have to be built to handle the work.

      Still worse, because of this reliance on outdated animal techniques,
      reliable and relevant information will not be provided and our safety
      will not be assured.

      REACH is inhumane, unethical and a huge waste of resources.
      All these chemicals will have to be retested again one day anyway
      when more scientific methods become available. This is what the
      EU Parliament should be spending its money and time on - not
      outdated Animal Testing.

      REACH is currently being discussed in the European Parliament
      with vital decisions being made now! If like me you think it is
      cruel and unreasonable to use the more barbaric and extreme
      animal tests to test over 30,000 chemicals that have been used
      by the general public for over twenty-five years, instead of
      investing in more humane and dependable alternatives, then
      please act now before it is too late.

      To send an online postcard to the UK Government please visit the
      BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) website at
      www.BUAV.org. (Select Campaigns, Chemical Testing, Get Active
      then Contact the Government).

      If you are a European citizen not from the UK please contact your
      own government and ask for more reliance on Alternative Testing
      in the REACH proposal.

      Please tell your colleagues and friends about REACH. Everyone can
      help and you can make a difference.

      Yours Sincerely

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