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Message from a Chinese fur-man , sent to anti-fur people//Dog & Cat Fur - Petition

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  • Monet Mazzola
    Julia Sharp wrote: I forwarded the list of pelts from the Chinese furman below, earlier today to my list. I am dismayed to see dog and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2006
      Julia Sharp <juliatat@...> wrote: I forwarded the list of pelts from the Chinese furman below, earlier today to my list. I am dismayed to see dog and cat fur highlighted in red now. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE??? Does cat and dog make the fur trade more deplorable? No, it doesn't. They still treat the animals horribly. They still skin the animals alive. They feed the living animals the carcasses of the dead skinned animals...if they feed them at all. Fur is fur is fur. It is ALL animals killed for their skins for humans to wear. Period. ALL FUR IS WRONG!!!!! Please, I am begging you to keep that in mind when writing to officials...Please do not focus solely on the cat and dog fur trade...Julia

      kirby jonas <kirbyejonas@...> wrote:
      From: Hedy Litke <hlitke@...>
      Subject: Message from a Chinese fur-man ,
      sent to anti-fur people//Dog & Cat Fur - Petition
      To: hlitke@...

      v\:* { BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML) } o\:* { BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML) } w\:* { BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML) } .shape { BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML) } st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) } Subject: Take action! Your help needed, please!!!// FYI : Message from a Chinese fur-man , sent to anti-fur people//Dog & Cat Fur - Petition

      See letter below from mfg of fur products in China!
      Subject: Your help needed, please!!!

      Friends, family, jellymen:

      Please draft copies in your own words to
      send to the 2 newspapers below if you do not mind and if you agree that fur
      is unnecessary flamboyance embeded in bloodied footprints. Below that is a
      letter to write to China (who kills cats and dogs for fur and sells to U.S.
      among other countries -- see it on WWW.FURISDEAD.COM).

      > <letters@...>, <publisher@...>

      Dear editor:

      I finally watched part of (because that was all I could bear to see) the
      anti-fur video from China on the PETA Web site (up to this point I had only
      been able to view the pictures). As an owner of 12 cats, 2 dogs, and 6
      rabbits among many other animals, I am appalled. I can honestly say that I
      hope everyone involved with the disgusting fur trade (which most definitely
      uses among myriad fur-bearing animals cats and dots with identification
      collars still on - meaning they are most likely stolen pets) is put under
      fastidious international scrutiny. Ultimately, I hope myriad people boycott
      the Olympics, vociferously, to get the attention of the Chinese government
      so this situation can be ameliorated properly. Anyone with compassion for
      animals should be vocal for this cause.

      A subscriber,

      Jason Williams
      55 Meyer Avenue
      Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
      (845) 452-2537

      You can also apply pressure on China:
      sample letter
      Thanks to the concern of animal advocates around the globe, the world has seen films on the Internet and now knows about the horrific and outrageous treatment of companion animals such as cats, dogs and rabbits for the fur trade in China. What we have seen is unconscionable and unacceptable by any standards. The treatment of Moon Bears and other animals used and abused for their fur, their body parts or for food is no less sickening and disgusting. These animals are all sentient beings; they are innocent, defenseless creatures, at our mercy and capable of feeling as much pain and suffering as you or I. They are no less than us because they cannot speak.

      We will not sit idly by and ignore these atrocities. A global boycott of all Chinese goods and the Beijing Olympics will be undertaken if the government does not step in to halt these barbaric practices. China's tourism will also be greatly affected as word begins to get out to the general public.

      I have cancelled my own plans to visit China and will also refuse to buy any merchandise made in China. I will advise all my friends and colleagues to do the same. I urge you to convey this message to your Government on behalf of all citizens who are appalled by the images we have seen and know to be true.

      We urge you to give consideration to our appeal for compassion and humane treatment of all human and non-human beings.


      > english@..., xhzhang@..., webmaster@...,
      > chinaembassy_us@..., WEBMASTER@...,
      > webmaster@..., webmaster@..., zxc@...,
      > manage@..., chinaculture@...,
      > 2008@..., mishubu@...,
      > zongti@..., international@...,
      > sports@..., xuanchuan@...,
      > guihua@..., environment@...,
      > marketing@..., xinxiguanli@...,
      > wenhua@..., mediaoperations@...,
      > chinaembassy_us@..., Rreception@...,
      > info@..., chnvisa@..., sb@...,
      > WEBMASTER@..., visa@...,
      > chinatoday@..., fengye@..., sales@...
      > Honorable Officials of China:
      > Let me start by stating that I am quite disappointed. As someone who
      > writes a lot of letters and gets responses from myriad elected officials
      > from a panoply of countries, not getting any response whatsoever from
      > China makes me wonder if the country indeed is still not up-to-date with
      > how to treat its human and animal inhabitants. The response PETA got from
      > the Chinese embassy, that "China and fur are on humane track" seems
      > speciously-concocted, and is pure chicanery that no one is believing.
      > And as someone who works for a major corporation with many dealings in
      > China, it unnerves me.
      > I urge you to make enforceable animal protection laws a priority before
      > the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Please do not let China's notoriously
      > inhumane bear bile farms and live animal markets tarnish your image during
      > the Games. In particular, I implore you to immediately enact laws to ban
      > China's
      > dog/cat fur trade.
      > Like many potential tourists, I cannot support a country that condones
      > animal abuse. Neither revenue nor tradition justifies the profoundly cruel
      > Chinese dog and cat fur trade.
      > UNACCEPTABLE: Up to 8,000 caged dogs and cats are stacked into a single
      > truck for cross-country transport without food or water. At an animal
      > market in Southern China, investigators documented 20 cats smashed inside
      > one wire cage and dead cats draped over cages. I've seen the video footage
      > with my own eyes: Live dogs and cats flattened inside cages the size of
      > filing drawers are tossed from truck beds on to hard pavement. Animals
      > scream as their paws are crushed. Workers pull them out with long metal
      > tongs and fling them over a 7 ft. fence. Some of these cats and dogs still
      > wear collars and ID tags, indicating they are stolen companion animals.
      > This is unforgivable and deplorable.
      > UNCONSCIONABLE: Chinese fur markets violently bludgeon, hang, electrocute
      > and strangle fur-bearing animals, including millions of cats and dogs.
      > Cats are choked in their cages alongside live cats. Dogs are hung from
      > wire nooses and slashed across the groin. At fur farms in Hebei Province,
      > investigators videotaped workers carving off skin and fur from alert dogs,
      > foxes and other animals. Some fully skinned animals continued to blink and
      > breathe spasmodically as their hearts beat for another five to 10 minutes.
      > DUPLICITOUS: Dog/cat items are deceptively labeled Gae-wolf, Sobaki, Asian
      > Jackal, Wildcat, Goyangi, Katzenfelle, or other names before exported
      > abroad. Unsuspecting shoppers purchase unmarked, dyed or vaguely labeled
      > boots, coats, linings, toys and homeopathic remedies.
      > I will not visit a country that brutalizes animals to decorate a sweater,
      > line a coat or become a trinket. This is the ultimate betrayal of
      > creatures who are instinctively trustworthy and devoted companions to
      > people.
      > I stand firm in my boycott of Chinese tourism, commerce and the 2008
      > Olympic Games--unless China makes visible strides to end the vicious
      > treatment of dogs, cats, bears and other non-human beings.
      > See for yourself:
      > http://www.furisdead.com/feat-dogcatfur.asp
      > Thank you for accepting my comments on this matter of international
      > concern, comments similar to those that will be perpetually reverberating
      > in the media as international attention is drawn to it. And thank you for
      > your time and attention, and I look forward to your response.
      > Jason Williams
      > 55 Meyer Avenue
      > Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
      > (845) 452-2537
      > bananakaboom@...

      ----- Original Message ----- From: B.E.S.

      Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2006 3:33 PM
      Subject: FYI : Message from a Chinese fur-man , sent to anti-fur people

      from furshion@...

      Dear Sir, My name is Liu Ning, the sales manager of furshion. I am very honored to introduce our products for you. I think it is a good start for our cooperation and there is a wonderful potential for our business.

      furshion is a fur business group in China. We have 5 manufacturing plants in Hebei Province of China, a commerce office in Beijing, the capital and an export office in Tianjin, the main port in the north of China. We process, manufacture and trade all kinds of fur products of the best quality at reasonably low, competitive price for both domestic and oversea customers.

      We can provide you with all kinds of fur mamterials and products. Below is a general category of our material products. Please select. If there is something unclear, please feel free to let me know.

      Below is a general category of our product line. Please select. If there is something unclear, please feel free to let me know.

      (also included is beaver fur and weasel fur)

      1.Raw Products/Materials:
      (1)Rabbit Fur.
      a. Gray Rabbit Fur
      b. White Rabbit Fur
      c.Grey and white Rabbit Fur
      (2)Rex Rabbit Fur.
      (3)Fox Fur.
      a. Blue Fox
      b. Red Fox
      c. Xuan Fox
      (4)Mink Fur.
      a. Black Mink
      b.White Mink
      (5)Sable Fur
      (6)Goat/Sheep Fur.
      a. Sheep Fur
      b. Goat Fur
      (7)Dog Fur
      (8)Cat Fur
      ( 9)Racoon Fur
      2. Semi-finished Products:
      >All materials.
      (1) Fur Plate.
      (For making fur clothes, covers.)
      > (2) Fur Tails.
      (For making fur scarf, shawl.)
      (3)Fur Band
      (For making collar, sleeve. shoes.)
      3. Finished produvts:
      All materials.
      (9)Seat Cover
      (10)Steerwheel Cover

      select and let me know what kinds of products you want. In each product line, there are tens of exact kinds of items. After your selection, we will send you detailed information about each item including its dimension, color, market before, price, etc.Because there is too much information, we can only list part of it. Sorry for that.
      If you can send us products you want and its relative specifics for our evaluation, that will be much better and more convenient. Looking forward to having your response again

      Thank you and have a good future.
      Liu Ning

      Address: Zaoqiang County, Henshui City, Hebei Province, China.
      E-mail: furshion@....
      MSN: ning.liu.mediasoda@...
      Tel: +86 318 8580288(in Chinese)
      +86 318 8224989(in Chinese)
      Cell Phone:+86 137 1877 8028(in English, 24 hours)

      Click here: Heather Mills McCartney - Dog & Cat Fur - Petition

      This is a follow up to those of you who may have signed the petition as I did, and missed the prepared letter which you can print out and mail directly to the European Commission, and the UK Minister of State for Trade, asking them to ban the import, export and sale of fur from China, used on garments made from the extreme and inhumane suffering of cats and dogs.

      Even though you may not be a EU citizen, I believe it is useful to let them know that we are aware of this intolerable and unconscionable situation. You may wish to add a few words of your own at the bottom of the letter. You can access and print out the letter by going to the above website, first signing the petition, and then clicking on "click here to launch the letters" in the last paragraph on that page. A drop down appears asking for your name and address; once you have completed that click on "create letter">"Pages">"Options">"Print Pages" "OK. Then do it again, changing the drop down form from Kyprianou to UK Minister. The prepared letters will print out with your own name and address. Just sign, put in an envelope and add postage of 80 cents from anywhere in the US.


      Many thanks,

      Cats and dogs are raised and brutally slaughtered for fur in China, Thailand, Korea, and even the UK. Read about it here:
      and here:
      Be very careful if you buy something with fur or fur trim, even if it is labeled as "faux fur". Please don’t support this sick trade. The labeling is legally allowed to LIE about the species of fur!
      And, if you are as disgusted as I am also sign this petition,

      ITD <itd@...> wrote:
      It's Their Destiny" hspace=0 src="http://us.f505.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Upload?Data=upl2008386636" align=left border=0 NOSEND="1"> "It's Their Destiny"

      News items on Asian animal abuse

      14th December 2005
      Focus on live skinning of dogs and cats in China

      Dear Friends

      You will almost certainly have heard about the Chinese production of dog and cat fur hitting the news over the last week or so. This Update is being sent in an attempt to clear up some incorrect reports from the Press, to ensure you are aware of what the real situation currently is, and to advise you on what you can do to help. The news was not that the Chinese were brutalising dogs and cats and skinning them alive for fur....this has been reported and ignored for years. What was news was that Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills-McCartney had been shown a video of this and went on British TV to express their horror at what they had seen.
      If you have not yet seen this video, please watch it at http://www.furisdead.com/feat-dogcatfur.asp but be warned - it is horrific. Read more about the suffering of the animals in China at http://sirius.2kat.net
      The revulsion and disgust felt by the McCartneys has generated more public interest than years of dedicated campaigning alone could have achieved. When a celebrity is involved, it's automatically news. It is crucial that we all make full use of the fact that Chinese animal abuse is in the public spotlight before the attention of the media wanders elsewhere.
      There has been some confusion in the Press regarding the Czech Republic, with some newspapers reporting that cat fur imported from China was being processed into garments in factories there. This is only part of the truth. The reality is that cats are being caught on the streets of this European country and skinned for their fur. See http://www.hsus.org/press_and_publications/press_releases/undercover_investigation_Finds_Cats_in_Czech.html for the details of the HSI findings. The Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004.
      Those of you that have been receiving our Updates for some time will perhaps remember the pleasure with which we reported the passing of EU Written Declaration 17 back in December 2003. This Declaration called for the banning of all importation, production and sale of dog and cat fur within the EU. The EU Commission has however consistantly refused to implement this democratic decision, claiming that this is a question for individual member states to legislate on. We need to emphasise that Written Declaration 17/2003 was passed by a majority of Members of the European Parliament. The Commissioners however seem to consider themselves above such petty restraints as obeying democratic decisions.
      The email addresses of the EU Commissioners are
      Sample email, but please write an original if you can.
      Dear Commissioner,

      In recent days you will undoubtably have read reports in the Press regarding yet further evidence of the cruelty involved in the production of dog and cat fur in China.
      You may recall that in December 2003, Written Declaration 17 was passed by a majority of MEPs. This Declaration called for a ban on the importation, production and trade of fur originating from either cats or dogs within the European Union. This Resolution has not to date been acted upon due to claims from the Commission that it does not have the authority to impose such legislation upon Member States, and that such an imposition would be illegal.
      Since the passing of Declaration 17/2003 we have seen the disastrous attempt at an EU Constitution. This was defeated in those countries that permitted a vote for one major reason - that the EU is seen as being undemocratic by its citizens.
      Chinese fur processors are prepared to blatantly lie about their products, and will willingly and intentionally mislead us about the product - no EU citizen would think that a "Gae-wolf" was a dog or that "rabbit", "goat" or even "faux fur" meant domestic cat. These are examples of the misrepresentations that European consumers are being faced with daily.
      The people of Europe are not foolish and neither are their democratically elected representatives. Both the people of Europe and their MEPs decided in 2003 that Written Declaration 17 should be approved. It should thus be beyond the power of the Commission to veto it, regardless of any theoretical consequences percieved by the Commission. I therefore ask that you obey the will of the European People and pass Written Declaration 17/2003 into a Directive without further delay.
      Yours sincerely


      Our continued thanks for your support and for caring enough to want to make a difference.

      From all the team at ITD

      If not through another list, you will have received this email because you either have helped with a campaign or requested to receive these emails in the past.
      Our updates are sent as html - if you receive in simple text through another list and would like to receive in the original format, email itd@... with subject line "Subscribe".


      Please note: To unsubscribe from these alerts at any time just click on zpenzel@... and type in unsubscribe in the subject line. Thank you for caring.
      China brutally kills millions of cats and dogs for cheap, deceptively labeled fur....


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