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UPDATE! - Plourde wanted out of jail......

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      UPDATE! Plourde wanted out of jail......


      Jeffery Plourde, who abused poor Kacy, the 2 year old chocolate Lab to the point she had to be euthanized due to her severe injuries, and then sexually assaulted a (human) female wanted to get out of jail Tuesday, but Judge Kathleen Manley said NO! Also, the past plea agreement on Kacy has been taken off the table due to these newest charges. He WILL go to trial for that as well as the robbery and all the other charges he seems to be stacking up.

      This is a joyous day for all who have followed this case, and I will be personally thanking not only SA Bob Butterfield for his determination, as well as Judge Manley's keen sense of the demon Plourde really is and the need to keep him behind bars.


      Top News Back He Will Continue To Be Held Without Bail

      Plourde Facing More Charges

      BY JACOB L. GRANT, Staff Writer
      Wednesday January 18, 2006

      ST. JOHNSBURY -- Jeffrey Plourde went to his court hearing Tuesday hoping to be released, instead Judge M. Kathleen Manley said his propensity for violence was so great that he should continue to be held without bail.

      Before the hearing Plourde was arraigned on a new charge of lewd and lascivious conduct and three charges of sexual assault. The additional charges follow a joint investigation by Lyndonville police and state police into a Jan. 11 incident in which Plourde is accused of sexually assaulting his 17-year-old girlfriend.

      Caledonia District Court

      The judge said the evidence presented at the hearing speaks volumes about Plourde's violent behavior. She said the evidence was so substantial that Plourde was a threat, not just to his girlfriend, but to his family and to the public.

      The evidence included testimony from Lyndonville Police Chief Jack Harris, a transcript of a telephone conversation between Plourde and the girl, and a written statement by the girl in which she describes the extended violence toward her by Plourde that included being strangled, slapped, punched and having her clothes ripped.

      Caledonia State's Attorney Robert Butterfield told the judge the new charges, along with the evidence presented, not only indicate that Plourde provides a significant threat to the public, but that, as his criminal record shows, he has no respect for court orders. Butterfield said he is therefore a risk of flight and that no conditions of release will reasonably prevent such violence from happening again.

      Butterfield read from a transcript of the taped telephone conversation in which Plourde can be heard arguing with his father in the background over money, making physical threats toward him.

      The transcript was provided by Harris who, upon taking the witness stand, identified those speaking in the transcript.

      In the transcript Plourde threatens to destroy personal property belonging to his father while using excessive profanity that created, as the judge called it, "an atmosphere of intimidation and threats."

      Manley said it was clear to her that Plourde "ruled the roost," and dictated what things were going to happen and when they were going to happen. She said his father, who has had the responsibility of monitoring Plourde, has not done an adequate job, and should no longer have that responsibility.

      Plourde's defense attorney Jill Jourdan argued that the sexual acts committed between Plourde, his girlfriend and a second male individual, were consensual. Jourdan said the victim had plenty of opportunity to leave during the approximately two days in which the incidents purportedly occurred.

      Jourdan asked the court to post a reasonable bail, considering the tight financial situation of Plourde's family.

      After about half an hour of deliberation, Manley returned and said the state had thoroughly proved that Plourde was dangerous and that it was highly probable he would commit further offenses, if released.

      Manley also said there were no other conditions that could be added to his release that would prevent him from committing further offenses, especially when considering that these latest offenses happened while Plourde was under house arrest.


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