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Turkey - Protest letter, drafted by CIWF

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  • Franck Michel
    Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 11:25:58 -0000 From: hecal_2000 Subject: Re: Chicken buried alive - Protest letter, drafted by CIWF Below is a
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      Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 11:25:58 -0000
      From: "hecal_2000" <hecal_2000@...>
      Subject: Re: Chicken buried alive - Protest letter, drafted by CIWF

      Below is a draft letter which can be sent to the Turkish embassy in
      your country as well as to the Turkish OIE delegate, Dr Nihat Pakdil

      Dr Nihat Pakdil
      Director General
      Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
      General Directorate of Protection and Control
      Esat Caddesi. No 3 - 06100 Bakanliklar

      For a briefing on avian flu please consult CIWF's web page on:


      I write on behalf of Compassion in World Farming to urge the Turkish
      government to ensure that avian influenza outbreaks are managed
      swiftly, efficiently and humanely. Turkey has agreed, as a member
      country of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), to comply
      with the OIE's guidelines on Humane Killing for Disease Control. As
      the leading EU-based farm animal welfare organisation, we urge that
      effective planning and sufficient resources now be provided in order
      to ensure that any necessary culling is organised, with priority
      given to both public health and animal welfare.

      Repeatedly in the last week, media images of the management of avian
      influenza in Turkey have shown birds alive after being placed in
      bags, and live birds placed in with dead ones. This is in
      contravention of the OIE's guidelines, which require humane methods
      of killing to protect the animals from pain and distress. Animals
      should be killed instantly or stunned prior to being killed and
      remain unconscious until death. Professional veterinarians are
      required to oversee animal welfare aspects of the disease management
      plans and all staff must be trained and competent in humane
      slaughter, with appropriate equipment available.

      The need for veterinary oversight and clearly planned culls is not
      just an issue for animal welfare. Uncontrolled culling is recognised
      by reputable scientific committees, such as the European Food Safety
      Authority's Animal Health and Welfare Panel, as being likely to
      increase risk of disease transfer. Thus burying or burning of live
      birds should be absolutely prohibited for both animal and public
      welfare reasons. Handling of infected birds by the public without
      biosecurity measures and protective clothing will increase risk of
      avian influenza transmission, leading to major public health issues
      and potential for human deaths.

      In conclusion, Compassion in World Farming asks that sufficient
      resources and skilled personnel are provided to ensure that avian
      influenza outbreaks are managed swiftly, efficiently and humanely,
      within the agreed OIE guidelines on humane killing for disease
      control. The spotlight of the world is focused on Turkey's
      management of this crisis and we urge you to fulfil your obligations
      to minimise both animal and human suffering caused by this disease.

      Yours sincerely,

      Print docs found at

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