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VERMONT - Justice for Kacy - The Jeffery Plourde case

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      Vermont - Justice for Kacy - The Jeffery Plourde case

      I have just been advised that the links do not work. You have to go to the main page of both sites and click on Letters to the Editor on the left. The Times Argus you have to click on local news :(

      The main page links are:

      and: www.timesargus.com/apps/pbcs.dll/frontpage



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      Subject: Justice for Kacy

      On April 23, 2002 a fire destroyed my home in VT. Had it not been for my (then) 8 year old chocolate Lab, Copper, I might not be writing this. She did what two smoke detectors and thick black smoke could not. She woke me out of a very deep sleep and along with my other dog, Taylor, ( both rescues) we left the home safely. My oldest daughter was an EMT at the time and she was quoted as saying that had I not been able to leave with my dogs, I wouldn't have left. She was right. The home and everything in it was a loss but I had something that insurance money could never buy ..... my wonderful babies.

      On October 16, 2004, Kelly Willis, also from this area, let her 2 year old chocolate Lab, Kacy, out to do her business. The dog was out about an hour when Kelly heard Kacy slamming at the door. She knew something was wrong. She was whimpering and when she went into her kennel she literally screamed. Ms. Willis called the emergency number for her vet. After examining Kacy, the vet was aware of the severe extent of her injuries. The dog had been "victimized". Kacy had suffered an injury to her tail in which the tail had been pulled away from her body. Kacy had severe injuries to her rectal area as the result of something shoved into her rectum and the Lab had been severely choked, resulting in the dog's eyes bleeding inside of the eyeballs.

      Due to the severe injuries suffered to Kacy's bowels and rectal area, she dog had been unable to process waste while at the hospital. It was hoped, if Kacy was able to settle down in familiar surroundings, she might begin to improve. As soon as Kacy arrived home, she was again panicked and distraught and, even with very large doses of medicine, the Lab was never able to overcome her traumatized state and the sad decision was made to euthanize her.

      Jeffery Plourde, then 17, was arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty as the result of the investigation.

      Plourde has been to court several times for this over the last year not including other crimes he has been arrested for prior to and after this horrendous act. He was back in court yesterday, 1/4/06 and so was I along with Kacy's mom who is still emotionally distraught about this, and 8 other animal advocates for "Justice for Kacy". Plourde pleaded no contest and under a plea agreement he may only serve 6 month out of a possible 1-3 year sentence for aggravated animal cruelty. Plourde will be back in court in February.

      State Attorney Bob Butterfield was very conscientious in this case, as he is with any animal cruelty case and I applaud his perseverance.

      I sat in that courtroom just a few feet from Ms. Willis knowing how traumatic one more trip into that courtroom, sitting just a short distance from the man that caused her grief was, and I could feel her pain. Then looking a few yards to the left at the person who's actions not only caused her pain, but ultimately caused the death of a loving companion animal and I thought of all the animals, not just Kacy, who have been abused, beaten or lost their lives at the hands of humans. As rescuers, animal advocates or animal cruelty caseworkers we read about it and see it on the news every day and it makes us sick. We all know the connection between animal cruelty and other violent crimes but right at that moment, the reality was sitting right there. Plourde and people like him walk among us every day.

      We cannot let this fall out of the media or out of peoples minds.

      I am asking that you take 5 minutes of your time and click on the links below to the local papers "Letters to the Editor" section and politely remind people how serious this horrific act of cruelty is. Although it is a felony in the state of Vermont, we need tougher laws for aggravated animal cruelty in EVERY state. And please, put your town/state or at least your state on it so folks will know how far this story has reached and how many of you know the connection between animal abuse and human abuse.

      This is so very important. I know you all are very busy and overwhelmed with all the neglect and abuse we see and read every day, so I am sending this heart felt plea:

      I now have another rescue from GA named Emma, still have Taylor and I still have Copper who saved my life. No one was able to save Kacy's life.

      If you know me, as many of you do, please, do this for me in memory of Kacy and every other animal of any species or breed that has ever been abused, neglected or lost it's life due to a human. For those of you that don't know me, please, do it for Kacy. Do not let her death be in vain.

      The two local papers (and links)

      The Caledonian Record (Letters to the editor) Click the link that says "Submit a letter to the editor)

      The Times Argus (Letters to the editor) click the link at the very bottom of the page that says "Submit a Letter to the Editor".

      With my deepest respect and appreciation, Thank you,

      Kathie Sullivan-Parkes

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