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sign the petition about the death of Tatima at Chicago's zoo

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  • umazzucchetti
    Dear Animal Friend, The sudden death of Tatima, an elephant at Chicago s Lincoln Park Zoo, has shocked and saddened the animal protection community. For
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2004
      Dear Animal Friend,
      The sudden death of Tatima, an elephant at Chicago's Lincoln Park
      Zoo, has shocked and saddened the animal protection community. For
      months, activists in the Chicago area have been urging the zoo to
      retire its three elephants. With the onset of cold weather, the
      situation became even more dire. We can only hope that this tragedy
      will serve as a wake up call and provide further proof of what
      animal advocates have been saying for years: animals in captivity
      suffer, and often die before their time.
      Whether you gather signatures to get elephants transferred from the
      local zoo to a sanctuary

      1. Lincoln Park Zoo Elephant Dies
      Elephant advocates are calling for the transfer of two surviving
      elephants at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo to sanctuaries in the wake
      of Tatima's untimely death at age 34. IDA issued statements that
      Tatima's death highlights the health problems and shortened lifespan
      that zoos inflict on elephants. IDA's statements implicate the San
      Diego Zoo in Tatima's death, as well as the declining health of the
      two remaining elephants, Peaches and Wankie. In April 2002, the San
      Diego Zoo dumped the three ailing elephants at the Chicago Zoo to
      make room for younger, wild-caught elephants from Africa.
      "The shocking betrayal of these elephants by the San Diego Zoo has
      ended in tragedy," said IDA president Elliot Katz, a
      veterinarian. "Instead of living up to its moral obligation to
      provide care to the elephants in their old age, the San Diego Zoo
      exiled them to cold, windy Chicago, where their health further
      declined. The Zoo must now do the right thing and send Peaches and
      Wankie to an elephant sanctuary where they will have space and
      climate more conducive to good health."
      Research and the spate of recent elephant deaths continue to
      document that elephants confined in zoos only live out about half
      their natural lifespan. Whereas the average age at death for captive
      elephants is 34 years, a natural lifespan for wild elephants is 60
      to 70 years. Recently, a zoo-industry trade group (American Zoo and
      Aquarium Association) promoted a misleading report on captive
      elephant lifespan that excluded all infant mortality, among other
      relevant factors. However, independent data continue to show that
      elephants in captivity die prematurely. Prior to early death,
      elephants suffer from a range of captivity-induced health problems,
      including painful joint and foot disease, digestive disorders, and
      tuberculosis, a disease that humans passed on to elephants.
      IDA was part of a coalition that filed two federal lawsuits to stop
      the San Diego Zoo from importing the wild African elephants, and we
      have been a vocal opponent of the transfer of the three elephants to
      Chicago. Earlier this year, IDA successfully convinced the San
      Francisco Zoo to transfer its two surviving elephants to the
      Performing Animal Welfare Society Sanctuary in California. Click
      here to read the article that appeared in the San Diego Union-

      1. Please sign the petition available at the link below to send
      Peaches and Wankie to a sanctuary. The petition will be forwarded to
      the Lincoln Park Zoo Director, the members of the zoo board, and the
      Mayor of Chicago.
      2. http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?msm2123

      2. Write a letter to the director of the Lincoln Park Zoo urging him
      to retire the elephants.
      Send letters to:
      Kevin Bell, Director
      Lincoln Park Zoo
      2001 N. Clark St.
      Chicago, IL 60614-4757
      Fax: 312-742-2336
      E-mail: kbell@...
      3. Write to Chicago Mayor Daley, asking him to use his influence to
      urge the Lincoln Park Zoo to retire its elephants.
      Send letters to:
      The Honorable Richard M. Daley
      Mayor of Chicago
      Office of the Mayor
      121 N. LaSalle, Rm. 507
      Chicago, IL 60602
      Fax: 312-744-8045
      To get involved in Chicago campaigns to help Peaches and Wankie,
      contact Tony Madsen at tonymadsen@... or call him at
      (312) 927-3801.
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