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URGENT for everyone: SB 1921 - How the reps. voted

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  • Rita Fazio
    SHARK is asking everyone, regardless of where you live, to contact these reps. Of course, it s most important for all Ill. residents to call, or at least email
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 2004
      SHARK is asking everyone, regardless of where you live, to contact these reps. Of course, it's most important for all Ill. residents to call, or at least email their reps. We want the reps. to vote YES on SB 1921. We may have 2 weeks, maybe less before this bill comes up for a vote again. This is urgent!

      Please contact the reps. below as soon as possible, be polite and respectful, but make sure they understand; "animals can't vote, but the people who love them do!"


      To refresh everyones memory:

      SB 1921, the bill to ban horse slaughter in Illinois was voted on, and the votes were:

      55 for the bill
      54 against the bill
      7 abstained
      2 absent

      Illinois requires 60 votes or more to pass or fail a bill. Because there were not at least 60 on either side, the bill's sponsor Rep. Molaro was able to table the vote and set the bill to possibly be re-heard next week. However, we hope he waits at least two weeks, so SHARK can take the Tiger out again and show the public the ugly truth behind Cavel International's bloody doors.

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      To: Rita Fazio
      Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 7:06 PM
      Subject: SB 1921 - How the reps. voted

      Dear Friends,

      The list of how Illinois' Representatives voted on SB 1921 is available at: http://www.barntowire.com/stophorseslaughter-Illinois-reps.html

      Please contact the following representatives who changed their committed "yes" vote and voted "no". Politely ask them why they changed their vote, and ask them to reconsider.

      Patricia Bailey (217) 782-5971

      pbailey @ hdsmail.state.il.us (remove 2 spaces)

      Patricia Bellock (217) 782-1448

      rep @ pbellock.com (remove 2 spaces)

      Mike Boland (217) 782-3992

      mboland @ hdsmail.state.il.us (remove 2 spaces)

      John Bradley (217) 782-1051

      repjohnbradley @ mychoice.net (remove 2 spaces)

      Dan Brady (217) 782-1118

      dan @ rep-danbrady.com (remove 2 spaces)

      Daniel Burke (217) 782-1117

      dburke @ hdsmail.state.il.us (remove 2 spaces)

      Lee Daniels (217) 782-4014

      cyberelm @ earthlink.net (remove 2 spaces)

      Jack McGuire (217) 782-8090

      jmcguire86 @ sbcglobal.net (remove 2 spaces)

      Charles Morrow (217) 782-1702

      cmorrow26 @ aol.com (remove 2 spaces)

      Ed Sullivan Jr. (217) 782-3696

      ilhouse51 @ sbcglobal.net (remove 2 spaces)

      Arthur Turner (217) 782-8116

      aturner @ hdsmail.state.il.us (remove 2 spaces)

      Also, please contact the following representatives who were either excused or present but didn't vote.

      James Brosnahan (217) 782-0515

      jbrosnahan @ prodigy.net (remove 2 spaces)

      Marlow H. Colvin (217) 782-8272

      mcolvin @ hdsmail.state.il.us (remove 2 spaces)

      John Fritchey (217) 782-2458 mystaterep @ aol.com (remove 2 spaces)

      Paul Froehlich (217) 782-3725 staterepPaul @ sbcglobal.net (remove 2 spaces)

      Calvin Giles (217) 782-5962

      cgiles @ hdsmail.state.il.us (remove 2 spaces)

      If you're a constituent of any of these reps, make sure to stress that how they vote on this bill when it is brought back for a vote, will determine how you will vote in the upcoming general election in November. If your rep. was not on this list, please see how they voted at http://www.barntowire.com/stophorseslaughter-Illinois-reps.html and if he/she voted "no", be sure to call and make it to clear to them that you will not vote for someone who supports horse slaughter!

      Remember, anyone can contact these legislators regardless of where you live. If you can't call them, please e-mail or snail mail them. You can find all of their contact information at: http://www.barntowire.com/stophorseslaughter-Illinois-reps.html.


      For the Animals,

      Jodie Wiederkehr


      sharkintl @ aol.com (remove 2 spaces)


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