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(NYC) Volunteers Needed for Public Outreach

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  • Rita Fazio
    ... From: wildtimber2112 @ aol.com (remove spaces) Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 9:21 PM Subject: [FUR IS NOT ALIVE] Volunteers Needed for Public Outreach
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      From: wildtimber2112 @ aol.com (remove spaces)
      Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 9:21 PM
      Subject: [FUR IS NOT ALIVE] Volunteers Needed for Public Outreach (NYC)

      Dear Activist,

      This winter, the League of Humane Voters will be setting up information tables indoors, distributing literature and collecting statements of support for our issues. The people who sign our support statements are Humane Voters. They are people who have pledged to vote for candidates for office who introduce and/or support animal rights legislation. With your help, we can sign up thousands Humane Voters more this winter! Please take some time out of your Sunday to help animals!

      Tabling days coming up:

      Sunday, January 11th. 12-4PM - doing outreach on foie gras
      Sunday, January 18th. 12-4PM - doing outreach on rodeos
      Sunday, January 25th. 12-4PM - doing outreach on trapping

      All tabling dates will be added to our events calendar, which you can view
      at www.protest.net/lohv

      If you've never tabled before, don't let that stop you! We'll be doing
      trainings on tabling before 12, probably at 11:45 each time. If you're
      interested and would like to help or you have questions about tabling,
      please contact me:
      jpvegan @ riseup.net (remove spaces)

      If tabling isn't your thing, we have tons of other volunteer opportunities.
      For more information on upcoming volunteer action meetings, you should
      contact Joyce Friedman at:
      joyce @ lohv-usa.org (remove spaces)


      Put an end to Huntingdon Life Sciences once and for all

      Help end the cat and dog meat trade
      Tell of your passions of the causes you fight for!
      "The Earth And Her Threatened Animal Nations Deserve The Same Level Of
      Defense That We Support When Human Life Is Threatened. Otherwise We Are Just More Hypocrites Wanting Change Without The Risk And Sacrifice That Is Already Being Made By Others."

      I Believe It Is Far Better To Live For Animal Liberation Than To Die For It.

      Rita Fazio,

      Korea Animal Protection Society (KAPS)
      International Aid for Korean Animals (IAKA)

      Don't turn your back upon their pain, because it's hard to see.They have no other place to turn, They've only you and me.

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