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  • Rita Fazio
    Subject: DawnWatch: In depth coverage and graphic footage of egg farm cruelty on Ohio TV Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 14:41:17 -0700 A subscriber from Ohio, Vira
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2003
      Subject: DawnWatch: In depth coverage and graphic footage of egg farm cruelty on Ohio TV
      Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 14:41:17 -0700

      A subscriber from Ohio, Vira Moroz, has described Fox 8 in Cleveland's, Monday, May 6, extraordinary television coverage of egg farm cruelty. She writes:

      "Their I-Team Investigator, Tom Merriman, did an expose of some Ohio egg industries which was very animal friendly. It clearly showed the abuses chickens receive on factory farms. The segment was hyped in preceding days, and the ads repeatedly stated that viewers may want to think twice the next
      time they decide to use eggs to make food. I am sure many people tuned in.

      "The report showed video footage of suffering, dying, and dead chickens on these egg farms. The footage was provided by Mercy for Animals and a few spokespeople from the organization were interviewed. The segment lasted a
      good 10 minutes, and it definitely got the point across that as long as there is a demand for this food, and the prices are to remain cheap, these chickens will be subjected to such suffering. The segment suggested either buying eggs from humanely raised chickens which are certified by the Humane
      Society, or just giving up eggs altogether. It even stressed that certain foods that are labeled as humane by the FDA have no real benefit for the chickens since standards are so minimal for poultry welfare."

      Moroz went on to say that anchorwoman Wilma Smith let it be known that she was affected by the footage and would be making some sort of change in her habits.

      Fox 8's I-Team should get positive feedback for this in-depth coverage of egg-farm cruelty. Please take a moment to thank them. They take feedback at:

      You can learn more about the superb undercover work of Mercy for Animals - work that makes media exposes such as this one possible, at:

      Yours and the animals',
      Karen Dawn

      (DawnWatch is an animal advocacy media watch that looks at animal issues in the media and facilitates one-click responses to the relevant media outlets. You can learn more about it at www.DawnWatch.com . To subscribe to DawnWatch,
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      Rita Fazio,
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