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Urgent Message from Kyenan & Sunnan.....Korean Dogs

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  • Rita Fazio
    Urgent Message from Kyenan & Sunnan Dear Friend to Korean Animals, The letter below is from an eyewitness to the some of the worst cruelty I have ever heard
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2002
      Urgent Message from Kyenan & Sunnan
      Dear Friend to Korean Animals,

      The letter below is from an eyewitness to the some of the worst
      cruelty I have ever heard described, made even worse by the dog
      butcher's insensitivity to his victim as a sentient, feeling being.
      The white dog expressed love for his trusted guardian right up to the
      moment he handed him over to the butcher.

      Chun Am (a pseudonym), Sunnan and myself are urging animal defenders
      everywhere to circulate this letter as widely as possible, and to
      send by regular mail or by email to the Korean government officials.
      (See addresses below)

      Be warned--the letter is very graphic and heart-wrenching, and I cry
      tears of rage and sorrow every time I read it, which is why I haven't
      been able to translate it for our non-Korean members until now. It
      sickens me, and I am deeply angered that these acts continue in the
      face of so much denial from so many, including government officials,
      who refuse to believe that these animals are deliberately tortured
      with maximum cruelty.

      Please send your strong protest letters with a copy of Chun Am's
      letter to as many Korean government officials, Korean Embassies and
      Korean companies as you can.

      2. Letter from Chun Am-His Eyewitness Account of Horrific Dog Torture

      (Translated from original letter in Korean)


      At 7:30 on the morning of May 14, 2002, I left my inn to take a walk
      by Manripo Beach. I came upon two men talking. One man walked up to a
      dog tied up by a stream.

      This white dog was jumping up and down and wagging his tail, happy to
      see his owner. The owner untied the rope from the tree and used the
      rope to tie up the dog. He handed him over to the other man.

      From the moment he was handed over to the second man, the dog was
      unable to move and the man dragged the dog for about twenty meters to
      a post. He put the rope around the post and yanked the dog over
      roughly, then tied him to the post.

      The dog was screaming in pain and flailing. This middle-aged man used
      his two hands to pull on the dog's tail with all his strength,
      causing the dog to be choked around the neck, crushing the dog's
      backbone. Then he was using all his strength to pull the dog by his
      left leg. Next he did the same with the right leg.

      While the dog was still alive, he was tearing his body apart. The dog
      was barely able to move, and he was moaning with horrible pain. He
      took a short break, looking at the dog and observing the dog's dying
      condition. He waited a few minutes, and proceeded to repeat these
      actions about three times over the next thirty minutes.

      He stopped to check if the dog was breathing to make sure he was
      still alive, then he went back to his house, four meters away. The
      dog was still alive and still moving. I asked this man, "Why are you
      killing this dog so painfully, so cruelly? Why can't you kill him
      quickly?" He thought I was a dogmeat buyer or someone who enjoyed

      He smiled at me and proudly told me, "Dog should take a long time to
      be killed, that way it tastes better." At that moment I was so
      enraged. "All the other countries who don't eat dog advance as a
      country. If we don't stop eating dogs, we are never going to be a
      progressive country." "People in Seoul enjoy eating dog more." the
      dog butcher replied, and he went back to his room.

      My heart was aching and pounding with panic. I couldn't breathe from
      the shock. I ran the 150 meters back to the inn, my back and face
      covered in sweat and tears. An hour later I calmed down. The group I
      was travelling with had to leave. While I was leaving, I looked at
      the dog and saw him still tied up, dangling on the post. I was
      thinking about how many hours would pass until sunset and how long
      this butcher would hang the dog alive, if he was still alive.

      I cried and closed my eyes. "White Dog, I wish you peace in heaven.
      The man who killed you is so cruel, how can he be part of our Korean
      people? White Dog, you can't forgive the butcher, but I will do it
      for you. I feel that our country is still so primitive. Someday the
      butcher will die. I believe that he will die just like you died, with

      When you are reborn, hopefully you are never born into a country like
      this one, I hope you will be born into some advanced country."

      This past week, I cannot work, I cannot sleep with the rage and this
      feeling of despair. This man had put in a big post in front of his
      house with equipment all around it, which seems to show that he has
      been doing this kind of work for a long time. He does this thing when
      an order comes from a dog soup restaurant. I am sure this expert dog
      butcher knows how to give maximum cruelty.

      That white dog so cruelly killed was eaten by savage dog eaters at a
      table of drinking, laughing people, who pay expensively for tender

      In my life, I have observed that the dog meat eaters are always
      ailing, are never healthy and don't live a long time. I don't know

      Everyone, please be aware there is no one in this world more cruel
      than this butcher. Would you like to go to this Manripo Beach in
      Taeahn-gun where you might see this evil, cruel man who has already
      given up his humanity?

      Please let everyone all over the country know about this cruel man
      and his acts by sending this letter continuously to the newspapers,
      television, magazines-use all the media. Let them know the name of
      this place.

      Because I fear revenge, I regretfully cannot reveal my real identity,
      but some day I will.

      His Excellency Kim Dae-jung
      President of the Republic of Korea
      gallery.htmlhe Blue House
      1, Sejongno, Jongno-gu
      Seoul 110-050
      Republic of Korea

      Ministry of Agriculture
      1 Jungang-dong
      Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province
      South Korea 427-760
      Fax: +82-2-503-7249
      Tel: +92-2-2110-4046

      Prime Minister
      77-6 Sejong-Ro, Jongno-gu
      Seoul, South Korea 110-050
      Fax: +82-2-737-0109
      Tel: +82-2-737-0094

      Minister Lee, Tae-Bok
      The Ministry of Health and Welfare
      1 Joongang-dong
      Kwanchun City, Kyoungki-do
      South Korea 427-760

      Mr. Yang, Kyu-Hwan
      Director, Korean Food and Drug Administration
      5 Nokbun-dong, Unpyoung-fu
      Seoul, South Korea 122-704

      (Ask to crack down on and close dog meat restaurants.)

      Fax letters to: 02-503-7551 or mail to the above address.
      www.mohw.go.kr - cyber civil application room or my opinion
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