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Running out of time! was.. URGENT, need signatures!

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  • kodiakstar2002
    I want to thank everyone who signed the petition Make Russell Watson accountable for animal cruelty We have had an incredible outpouring of love and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2002
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      I want to thank everyone who signed the petition "Make Russell Watson
      accountable for animal cruelty"

      We have had an incredible outpouring of love and concern. As of
      today we have 3368 signatures and the numbers are still climbing. On
      Thurs. I sent a percentage of the petition to Phila.'s DA, The
      Governor of Pa., the Mayor of Phila. and the judge presiding over the
      case. I included a cover letter in which I asked for the judge to
      rethink his last ruling to try Watson as a juvenile or at least to
      give me the chance to have everyones voice heard. I am not holding
      out much hope for any more time. It seems to me that this case is
      racing through the courts. I also stated that most people are so
      outraged by how this case is being handled, that a movement to
      boycott Phila's. tourist trade is likely, if Watson wasn't given a
      punishment that is suitable for the crime. Reminding them that it is
      a proven fact that animal abuse/cruelty is strongly linked to human
      abuse/cruelty, and if this type of crime is is treated so lightly in
      the City of Phila.,
      then people feel that the City is an unsafe place to visit. Also, the
      fact that the beating of Rahkim is being treated so lightly is an
      indication that the City officials are in essence endorsing animal
      abuse/cruelty! Since this horror was caught on tape, there is no
      excuse for the system to prosecute this criminal as a juvenile with
      anything less than the maximum punishment allowable by law.
      I also eluded to the fact that voters will be watching this closely
      and will be sure to
      voice their opinions on election day!

      Since the hearing is set for this coming Monday, I need to ask all
      you kind people for help once more. Below is a list of sites where
      you will find contact info. for the
      people who need to hear from us before Monday. You can send a fax
      and/or email from most of these sights directly to the recipient (you
      don't need a fax machine of your own.) I also, included a site that
      lists all of Pa's. important Media, and you can email up to five at a
      time with one email. Please contact these people and let them know
      that you are disgusted with the way this case is being handled You
      can mention any of the things that I used in the letter included with
      the petition. All I ask is that your communications be respectful,
      Please, We won't be taken seriously if not! It doesn't take much time
      using the sites I listed and it needs to be done before this coming
      Monday. Please, please help!
      Also, please mention the petition site;

      Just for reference. The judge in this case stated in front of the
      defendent "I find it hard to equate the beating of a dog to the
      beating of a human" and after viewing the tape that caught a part of
      Watson's brutally vicious attack on the pit bull, he told
      Watson, "that was an ugly, cold thing to do." Ugly and cold is not
      the description anyone would use that had seen this video. What I saw
      will haunt me for the rest of my life. I can't put into words how
      grateful I am for all the loving, caring people who
      have given their time for this. Thank you. Rita

      Judge Abram Frank Reynolds
      Can't find an email address for him.

      Mayor of Phila. Mayor John F. Street

      helpme@... this was the only email address I could find for
      the Mayor.

      Philadelphia District Attorney, Lynne M. Abraham



      Pa's Governor Mark Schweiker, email form


      This site is a listing of national media contacts. The most important
      to contact are, TV.... KYW (CBS-3) - Philadelphia,PA.....WCAU (NBC-
      10) - Philadelphia,PA
      ... WPVI (ABC-6) - Philadelphia,PA....Fox News Channel - New York,NY
      Newspapers....just the Philadelphia papers.

      Congress.org Media guide

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