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  • pommawolf
    I agree with you on your questions 1 & 2. But I will address you one your other questions...*s* 3)/Answer: I don t know of any bears, wolf other than when
    Message 1 of 3358 , Nov 6, 2000
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      I agree with you on your questions 1 & 2. But I
      will address you one your other
      questions...*s*<br>3)/Answer: I don't know of any bears, wolf other than when
      confronted on their own territory that actively attack man.
      People forget that it is the wild animals domain when
      they make a choice to wander in their stomping
      grounds. As for deer in large numbers trampling & feeding
      on crops, hunting , and other humane actions can
      deal with that issue.<br>4)/ Answer: I don't know
      where you live, but there is no possible way hunters
      pay for restoration of lands that have been over used
      by man. Hunting fees come no where near enough
      funding on this issue. We have thousands of tourist who
      tromp through our mountains & forrest every year,
      tearing up the land & water ways. Thats not even counting
      the vehicle traffic whose drivers feel the need to
      deposit their garbage on the highways & waterways of my
      state. The amount of public lands, fields, streams and
      waterways that are destroyed here by ranchers grazing their
      animals at the publics expense.<br>5)/Answer: As for
      valid medical research & testing on animals...the only
      reason why it is still done on animals is that it is
      cheaper. I work in the medical field, and the data
      provided by research no longer supports animal testing.
      Human skin is grown in the labs, and animals testing is
      primarily used for cosmetics, and human grooming products,
      and using animals for this purpose is downright
      inhuman. As for testing "AIDS" drugs, it is useless on any
      animal other than humans. Only the primate species is
      close enough to humans gene strands. They have just
      resently developed a vaccine for "primate AIDS", and it is
      a miraculous(spelling?...*s*) discovery. Once this
      vaccine is advanced enough, the human vaccine will be
      quickly on the way.<br>7)Answer: It has been proven over
      many years that red meat...specifically beef, causes
      cancer, coronary arterie disease, and heart disease. The
      proteins needed in the human diet can be found in dairy,
      and the lugume (beans, peas,etc...) peanutbutter. I
      care diabetics on a daily basis, and many are no
      longer able to consume any red meat products, and many
      time dairy is a no-no as well. All nutrients can be
      found in plants. I do agree with you that more land is
      need for farming, and that is not a difficult thing to
      address. Man must stop expanding into the last remaining
      untouched lands before it is all destroyed. The repairs to
      the lands is not very hard, just using strict
      guidelines when using chemicals and eliminating their
      by-products.<br>8) Sorry I have been to the web sites of many AR
      groups and they don't come right out and say it,but they
      are working to end pets.PeTA is a<br>prime
      example,just look at some of the quotes they have and what
      they feel.I think they will not come right out and say
      it because they know that many that suport them now
      would leave.Again...I agree anyone that has a pet MUST
      be responcable for it and do the right thing and
      have it fixed.A pet is like a baby...they need a lot
      of care.If someone is not willing to take on the
      responcability of haveing one they should not be allowed to have
      one./ Answer: right out front I should tell you that I
      do not support PETA in any way, shape, fashion or
      form. I don't agree with their views, nor their
      tactics. They have lost the integrity, and have gone to
      extremes. I find it a shame that those of us that believe
      in animal rights have been labeled and called
      extremist because of PETA. They have become political
      machine, and have lost any sense of direction a long time
      ago. I will not support, nor agree with any actions
      they partake in, and become angry when I am placed in
      the same category as them.<br>Pommawolf
    • chcoa
      Hi Colleen, ... rarely eat meat? I eat more chicken and turkey then red meat. Colleen ... Technically yes. I don t really care myself. You ll never catch me
      Message 3358 of 3358 , Apr 6, 2002
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        Hi Colleen,

        > Am I still basically considered a meat eater even though I
        rarely eat meat? I eat more chicken and turkey then red meat. Colleen

        Technically yes. I don't really care myself. You'll never catch me
        jumping you for eating, period! But since Praf's opinion is that
        anyone of us could in theory be a cow, or chx, or turk then yes, you
        are still a murdering flesh eater!
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