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33 pit bulls returned to Dog Fighter :(

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  • jillserena
    It Shouldn t Happen to a Dog A Virginia judge is returning 33 pit bulls to their dog-fighter owner. This really pissed me off!! If this
    Message 1 of 3358 , Sep 15, 2000
      It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog<br><br>A Virginia
      judge is returning 33 pit bulls to their dog-fighter
      owner. <br> <br> This really pissed me off!! If this
      bothers you too, please send your letters and make your
      phonecalls..even if it's too late, maybe we can stop it from
      happening again..<br><br>September 14, 2000 <br><br>Police
      arrested Ben Donald Butts on 67 charges (one weapons
      charge as well as 33 counts of organizing dog fighting,
      a felony, and 33 counts of cruelty to animals, a
      misdemeanor). At his house they confiscated 33 dogs suffering
      with mange, malnutrition, and infections. If found
      guilty of the felony charges alone, Butts could spend
      the rest of his life in prison. And Judge Larry
      Palmer is going to give him his dogs back.
      <br><br>Hardcore Kennels <br>Butts, who lives in Surry County
      Virginia, is suspected operating of Hardcore Kennels and of
      being the man immortalized in the most recent issue of
      Pit Dog Revolution magazine as "one of the top
      competitors in the game." On his property the police found a
      bloody dog-fighting pit, equipment designed to train
      fighting-dogs, extensive veterinary pharmaceutical supplies,
      dog-fighting videos and other paraphernalia, and jackets
      inscribed with the Hardcore Kennels logo. <br><br>"They are
      going to disappear" <br>Still, after paying a $5,000
      bond, Butts will be allowed to take the dogs from the
      county shelters where they are being held. Why? "The
      city doesn't want to take financial responsibility for
      caring for these dogs while awaiting the trial,"
      explains The HSUS's Pat Wagner. Animal control officers
      are supposed to be tagging the dogs and checking on
      them periodically, but Wagner doubts they will get the
      chance to monitor them. "The dogs will be gone within a
      few days. They are going to disappear." Wagner
      expects Butts to ship the dogs to other fighters.
      <br><br>Wagner calls Judge Palmer's decision unrealistic. "Why
      would the judge believe that Butts will properly care
      for these dogs, even if the court mandates the
      order," she asked. "We urge Judge Palmer to reconsider
      this decision and explore alternatives to housing and
      caring for these animals to keep them out of harm's way
      and ensure the dogs get the proper medical and social
      care they need and deserve." <br><br>What You Can Do
      <br>The dogs are expected to be released to Butts after
      the morning of Friday, September 15. <br><br>Contact
      Judge Larry Palmer immediately. Tell him that it is
      unconscionable to return the dogs to a man who has abused them.
      Tell him that it is the responsibility of the state to
      find alternative housing for the dogs where they will
      receive proper care. <br><br>Go to
      <a href=http://dailypress.com/cgi-bin/qofd/showpoll.cgi?20000914 target=new>http://dailypress.com/cgi-bin/qofd/showpoll.cgi?20000914</a> and vote on Judge Palmer's decision.
      <br><br>Contact Information <br>Judge Larry Palmer<br>6th
      District <br>Surry GD & JDR <br>Surry Government Center
      <br>45 School Street <br>P. O. Box 332 <br>Surry, VA
      23883 <br>757-294-5201 <br>Fax: 757-294-0312
      <br><br>Source: The Daily Press <br><br> <br>I found this
      at:<br><a href=http://www.hsus.org/whatnew/dogfight081400.html target=new>http://www.hsus.org/whatnew/dogfight081400.html</a>
    • chcoa
      Hi Colleen, ... rarely eat meat? I eat more chicken and turkey then red meat. Colleen ... Technically yes. I don t really care myself. You ll never catch me
      Message 3358 of 3358 , Apr 6 8:45 AM
        Hi Colleen,

        > Am I still basically considered a meat eater even though I
        rarely eat meat? I eat more chicken and turkey then red meat. Colleen

        Technically yes. I don't really care myself. You'll never catch me
        jumping you for eating, period! But since Praf's opinion is that
        anyone of us could in theory be a cow, or chx, or turk then yes, you
        are still a murdering flesh eater!
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