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2415Animal rights?

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  • chcoa
    Dec 2, 2001
      Hi I'm new here and have been reading some past
      entries. Just wanted to point out, although humans are
      part of the animal kingdom, we are special. God as
      given us many "skills" other animals do not have. One
      of those is compation. I don't feel it's wrong to
      incorporate animals into our lives whether it's for food (we
      are meat eaters after all), companionship, or
      otherwise. But we should have enough intelligence to treat
      them as well as we can and respect the fact that our
      planet and all the living things on it are part of a
      grater picture of dependance. <br><br>Also, while I
      agree about the "rights" thing, I think we would be
      jumping the gun to say all animals other than us can not
      reason. We are really just learning what some animals can
      do when presented with problem solving situations.
      After all survival is a everyday problem every species
      has adapted to that in their own way.<br><br>Jamie
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