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Fwd: FW: Sawab 3azeem

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  • susan sakr
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    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 1, 2003
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      >From: "Ahmed Rezk"
      >Subject: FW: Sawab 3azeem
      >Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 13:23:47 +0400
      >-----Original Message-----
      >From: Ahmed Sakr [mailto:Ahmed.Sakr@...]
      >Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 3:14 PM
      >To: Faisal Y. El Bably; Ahmed E. Bedeir; Raed El-Shafei; khalil; zag 2;
      >zag; yasser safwat; Yasser El-Guindy; Yasser El-Guindy; yasser abdel
      >wahab; Shahira work; Sesa work; saleh; Ahmed Sakr;
      >rehab@...; Raed Pascha; Noha khaled; Mo; Misha noor;
      >Maarouf; Khaled Nabil; Hussein El Bably; hawater@...; hatem
      >priv.; emad; elbably@...; el said; Dalia Elibiary;
      >BKandil@...; besa; basma; bably 2; ashmawy; Amir Sabry;
      >ahmedbedeir@...; ahawater@...
      >Subject: Sawab 3azeem
      >The content of this document is classified as Vodafone Egypt S.A.E.
      >Confidential and Proprietary Information. The recipient hereby is
      >committed to hold in strict confidence the contents of this
      >(e-mail, document, information) and not to disclose to any third party
      >without the prior written consent of Vodafone Egypt S.A.E. Recipient
      >will be held liable for any unauthorized disclosure.

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