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Re: Abuse of Disabled Woman in Nursing Home

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  • Catherine MacDonald
    Seems we are all getting similar form letters. And that 1800 number they provide does not work outside Nebraska. Thanks for your continued efforts. Here is
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2002
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      Seems we are all getting similar form letters. And that 1800 number
      they provide does not work outside Nebraska. Thanks for your
      continued efforts.

      Here is additional information. Please post everything you write and
      receive in the topic "Abuse of Disabled Woman in Nursing Home" on the
      site. I want others to see how ineffective the system is.

      "ms kadavy sent u a form letter.
      Facility Investigations Office, Nebraska Department of Health and
      Human Services Regulation and Licensure.
      402 471 0316
      402 595 3474 is Adult Protective Services and stays busy.
      402 595 3400 and ask for APS...that worked for me.
      1-800-652-1998 is no longer in service.
      ty so much for helping with your emails,

      Beverly Health Systems
      Hallmark Care Ctr.
      5505 Grover St.
      Omaha NE 68106
      Phone: 402 - 558 - 0225

      Kathy's full name: Katherine Porterfield

      Entire topic discussion:

      More information on Kathy's situation posted here:




      --- In disabilitystudies@y..., "Catherine MacDonald" <cmac29@h...>
      > Received this in my email on November 24, 2002 ... Posting it for
      > those who would be willing to write letters to help this person.
      > Catherine
      > kathy was assaulted around 9 am today by a nurse named linda
      > griffle. her catheter was pulled out [as of 7;30 pm, she was still
      > without a catheter; the bed was soaked with urine], she has bruises
      > and scratches, and her pc was destroyed. dowdy is supposed to
      > her tomorrow, he hopes.
      > to compound this situation, earlier this wk she was left for over
      > hrs in her own excrement. a nurse refused to clean her up before
      > handing kathy supper, so kathy hurled the styrofoam plate back at
      > [and missed]. kathy called 911, and the police cited her for
      > attempted assault. the nursing home has threatened to send her to
      > beverly-owned mental institution on monday. imagine how kathy must
      > feel.
      > kathy finally had the state allow her to return home. the state
      > rehab tech dept was to install a ceiling-track lift and an infrared
      > door opener, and she was free to leave. the state reneged the day
      > kathy threw the plate; she'd just found this out before she threw
      > plate.
      > cindy kadavy is the long-term care ombudsman -- please write her on
      > kathy's behalf. feel free to fw this to anyone u feel may want to
      > help.
      > Cindy Kadavy, State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, (402) 471-4684
      > cindy.kadavy@h...
      > Jeanne Atkinson, Communications and Legislative Services, (402) 471-
      > 8287
      > jeanne.atkinson@h...
      > http://www.hhs.state.ne.us/new/1002nr/residents.htm
      > thank you,
      > joy
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