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Re: [disabilitystudies] Disability Tax issues

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  • Maria Barile
    Hi Keith How nice that we all share povetization of disability all over the world. You got an invitation for the former political cal screw up. In Quebec
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2001
      Hi Keith
      How nice that we all share povetization of disability all over the world.
      You got an invitation for the former political cal screw up. In Quebec our
      new minister of health has been heard saying that people who use the state
      resources should get a copy of their expenditure at the end of the year.
      What I say to all of us is that we need to realize that we cost and pay more
      for one reason and only one reason,those in power have built society to
      meet only their needs, services are structure oddly and wealth is
      distributed unfairly.

      Look at this, if I as a one handed person gets help getting my food prepared
      its called social service. when rich people do it its called class
      privilege. Who made such a dumb rule up? not me or you. They create the
      problem let them pay the price.
      Send back the invitation and ask them to send you the cost of the plate, to
      even out the extra cost you endure for their errors.

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      Subject: [disabilitystudies] Disability Tax issues

      I have recently received a letter from a Mr William Hague, suggesting
      that I give a donation to the Conservative Party of £5-10,000. If I
      was to give a donation of £10, 000 I would be invited to have a meal
      with members of the shadow cabinet. Now there are a number of reasons
      why I will not take up such a kind offer.

      One of them being that I do not even have £5, 000 to myself for any
      purpose, including having a holiday in areas that would improve my
      health or to even run a mobile phone (phone boxes are mainly
      inaccessible to me from my wheelchair).

      One of main reasons why I lack funds is because I am required to pay
      an extra Disability Tax of over £3, 000 per year, on top of income
      tax, the current community charge (or poll tax) and VAT on the
      majority of items that I need. The main reason why I am required to
      pay this additional burden is because of physical needs created by a
      physical impairment that I had from my early childhood. Like the vast
      majority of members of the disability community needing assistance, I
      did not choose my condition.

      This Disability Tax was quietly introduced by John Major's
      Conservative Government and Tony Blair's New Labour Government. has
      continued it without respite. I now understand that is new draft
      guidance going through the system to allow local authorities, etc.
      grab up to 55 per cent of income from any disabled person.

      I doubt if Mr Hague will receive any donations from the good people
      who help me who are paid by Camden Council, because Camden only pays
      them at a rate of £5 per hour a rate that has not been altered since

      To me having a need for physical assistance is not a luxury, I do not
      get any favours. It does not entitle me to have any right to use
      public transport, go the vast majority of cinemas, concert halls,
      social clubs, theatres and or even many pubs. It does not
      even entitle me to be considered equally with the vast majority of

      Yours sincerely

      Keith Armstrong

      First published in the Camden New Journal : 26 April 2001

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